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Figma Iron Man Mark VII
Author: Ross

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Figma Iron Man Mark VII

In what was arguably Iron Man's strongest performance yet, The Avengers, there was an air of excitement in theatres when Tony Stark, billionaire, inventor and philanthropist, unleashed his latest armour on the invading Chitauri fleet.

The Mark VII was a great suit - it incorporated the best of the Mark III and IV, reverted to the round chest window (always hated the triangular one) and added an almost Gundam-esque flavour to the chest, with bulkier armour and some stylish new vents.

Figma has taken quite a bit of time to get their Mark VII figure together, but the end result is certainly worth it! The first thing that hits home is the finish of the suit - it's beautifully lacquered, augmenting the lush cherry red and gold colouring that make up the bulk of the suit.

The detailing across the figure is top notch - panels are sharp and well-realised, every rivet and coil presented exactly as you'd hope, even the tiny dimple on the chin is intact and, unusually for a Figma, Iron Man has plenty of height and bulk.

Accessories include a number of hand options, some flare effects for the boots and hands and the standard Figma stand for those aerial shots (which I've done my best to capture in the photos above).

Thanks to some very limber joints and the same "movable trunks" found on the Hot Toys release, Iron Man can even pull off his signature landing pose (far better in fact than the aforementioned Hot Toys figure - no mean feat for a figure that's a fraction of the cost!)

Weaknesses? Well, a few. The knee covers are somewhat flimsy and will fall off unless skillfully and gently loosened. He's not terribly stable without the stand, and there's no Tony Stark head sculpt, which would have finished this off nicely, even if it would have undoubtedly increased the price due to licensing fees. Speaking of cost, this is one very expensive Figma. At £70 it's on the luxury end of the market even with the lush finish and added bulk the toy receives. While it is a lovely figure, I'm really not sure it's worth quite that much and subsequently loses a point.

For major fans of the character with cash to burn, this is a worthwhile purchase, certainly better than the usual US efforts with a better sculpt and finish than we've come to expect. For casual fans, it might just be a tad too much to justify.

Beautiful but very pricey, it's a great display piece that will show off not only your taste, but your deep pockets too...
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