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Win Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 2nd May 2016

The only mayday to worry us this Bank Holiday is illness, but that isn't enough to stop us talking about the climax of Knights of Sidonia, the joys of Symphogear, the perils of goblin slaying and plenty more besides.

UK Anime Network Podcast - April 2016

Spring has sprung, but never mind frolicking lambs and blossoming flowers, to us that means a bumper new season of anime to enjoy! There's much to enjoy and discuss this spring too, which is why Elliot, Andy and Dan convene to comb through the highlights and lowlights of the currently airing shows.

Under the Covers: Terror in Resonance

With the terror that our copy might get lost in the post abated, we get to dig into the contents of Anime Limited's latest Ultimate Edition built around the latest series from Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe.

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 17th April 2016

Elliot experiences Love in Hell, while Andy endures a hell of his own by watching Psycho-Pass 2 - just some of the highlights of another live podcast packed with news and opinions.

Under the Covers: Unlimited Blade Works - Part 1

We know you don't have Unlimited Bank Loans, so it's time for us to open up MVM Entertainment's Collector's Edition of the first half of Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works to see if it's worthy of your hard-earned cash.

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 3rd April 2016

Andy is back from Japan, and he's a man on a mission - a mission to make you feel jealous about his trip to Japan. Oh, and we talk about the latest news and stuff too.

UK Anime Network Podcast - March 2016

With the Winter anime season wrapping up and our Editor-in-Chief gallivanting around Japan, we call in Site Contributor Seb Reid to talk about the important things in life: Lewd Manga, FLCL, and the hits of the season!

Yorkshire CosplayCon Interview

We speak to Kat Furniss about the incredible Sheffield Cosplay Event for 2016

Girls und Panzer: Der Film

As our editor-in-chief Andy and colleague Dan were in Japan and at a loose end one evening, what better way to kill some time than by rushing off to check out the Girls und Panzer movie prior to its western release? We share our thoughts to tantalize you prior to any hint of a western release.

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 20th March 2016

Andy has left to sample the delights of Japan, so this edition of the UK Anime Network Podcast sees returning Guest Jeremy Graves come to slay a bumper crop of news!

A complete guide to digital manga in the UK

An exhaustive look at all of the digital options available to manga fans in the UK.

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