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UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 6th March 2016

Humanity Has Declined, idols are a bust, and even the All Might of a superhero can't save us. That must mean only one thing... it's time for another live edition of the UK Anime Network Podcast!

UK Anime Network podcast - February 2016

Squeezing in under the wire before March begins, in this month's podcast we answer your questions and pose some of our own - questions such as "Hideaki Anno, are you okay?"

Under the Covers: Gankutsuo

It's been a while in coming, but you can count on us to grab physical copies of interesting releases whenever we can, which is exactly why we're now able to take a look at Anime Limited's edition of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Under the Covers: Evangelion 3.33 Collector's

We've already taken a look at our review copy, but now that retail versions of Evangelion 3.33 are finally shipping we set out to prove its existence, and take a look at the content of this UK Collector's Edition into the bargain.

Under the Covers: New Studio Ghibli Steelbooks

A new batch of Studio Ghibli Blu-rays have arrived in the UK courtesy of STUDIOCANAL, and we check them both out - if you really needed an excuse to own Princess Mononoke or Kiki's Delivery Service in HD, this might just be it.

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 21st February 2016

Whether it's winning over fantasy kingdoms or playing American Football, this week's has something of a game-playing theme, while we also discuss plenty of other things we've been watching and reading, as well as a bundle of the latest news.

Under the Covers: No Game No Life Limited Edition

No Game No Life is alive, and we have the evidence! The Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray combo pack complete with soundtrack CDs is finally shipping to the UK, and we break down exactly what you get for your money.

UK Anime Network podcast LOVE - 14th February 2016

The Internet tried to stop us, but it couldn't quieten our Anthem of the Heart... or any of our other discussions of the latest anime and hot news, for that matter.

PnP: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Some might say we've had too many storms in the UK already this year, but here's another for us to ponder, as the latest Naruto game from Cyber Connect 2 blows into our isle.

UK Anime Network podcast - January 2016

For our first full podcast of the new year, we dig deep into the winter 2016 anime season to share our thoughts so far.

Exclusive clip: Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai arrives in cinemas on Friday 5th February as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, and we have an exclusive clip from this Keiichi Hara film.

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