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UKA Release Calendar

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Outlaw: Gangster VIP Collection Review
Outlaw: Gangster VIP Collection

An overlooked addition to the world of '60s Japanese action movies, the Outlaw series is not quite a scrappy as its protagonist but puts up a cool and decent fight.

Asura: The City of Madness Review
Asura: The City of Madness

Extreme violence dominates in a beautifully shot Korean hard-boiled noir with a brutally nihilistic philosophy.

Adrift in Tokyo Review
Adrift in Tokyo

At times funny, at others insightful, this film is nonetheless ideal for a quiet night in.

[Review] Dead or Alive Trilogy - Hanners

[Review] Missing - Hanners

[Review] Ghost in the Shell - Hanners

[Review] A Quiet Dream - Hanners

[Video] Under the Covers: The Criterion Collection - Lone Wolf and Cub - Hanners

Dead or Alive Trilogy

Takashi Miike's existential trilogy showcases the director's well known talent for the surreal, but its message is a melancholy filled with the inevitability of violence and defeat.


E Oni's taught sociological thriller begins and ends as the story of a stolen child, but the path it takes is a dark one through social inequality and female suffering.

Ghost in the Shell

A solid effort (but I miss the Tachikoma!)

Quiet Dream, A

Zhang Lu's eleventh feature is an elusive fever dream, but one marked with good humour and the glow of human warmth.

Black Society Trilogy

A trio of early entries from the ever expanding Miike canon, the Black Society Trilogy is an apt reminder of the director's skill.