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UKA Release Calendar

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Michiko & Hatchin - Part 2 Review
Michiko & Hatchin - Part 2

A well-realised world filled with fascinating characters and deployed to promote a narrative that is incredibly compelling - Michiko & Hatchin belongs in the highest echelons of anime story-telling.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju - Eps. 1-13 Review
Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju - Eps. 1-13

A quiet, understated work of genius that any fan of character-centric drama should watch.

The Sky Crawlers Review
The Sky Crawlers

Falls just short of perfect, but remains a fantastic aerial treat for fans of the genre

[Review] Attack on Titan: Junior High - Complete Series Collection - Hanners

[Audio] UK Anime Network Podcast - June 2017 - Hanners

What series are people currently watching? - Weirdo

Summer 2017 Season - macloud

[Review] Belladonna of Sadness - Hanners

Attack on Titan: Junior High - Complete Series Collection

A new take on the Attack of Titan cast - less stress, more giggles.

Belladonna of Sadness

A striking, bewildering and beautiful artifact of anime history.

Anthem of the Heart, The

Not so much an anthem as a glorious full-fledged opera full of great characters, great drama and all the eggs you can eat!

Charlotte - Part 1

Drama, thrills and super powers.

Assassination Classroom - Season 2 Part 1

When it’s on the money, Assassination Classroom is a finely-tuned masterclass in how to get a shonen adaptation right.