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The 2016 UK Anime Network Awards
UKA Awards 2016
posted by Andy Hanley
on 29 Dec 2016

The year is over, so what were our highlights and lowlights of 2016? Read on to find out all the nominees and winners for this year, including the champion of your very own Reader's Choice Award!
UK Anime Network Awards 2016 - The Deliberations
UKA Award Deliberations 2016
posted by Elliot Page
on 26 Dec 2016

2016 has been an... interesting year. However bad it might have been in other ways, there's been much to celebrate in the world of anime, and our team of judges convene to argue at length over the year's gems that are worthy of recognition via our yearly UK Anime Network Awards.
UKA Podcast Live - December 18th 2016
Live Podcast - 18th December
posted by Andy Hanley
on 18 Dec 2016

It's our last podcast of the year, and we fight against injury to talk about Wake Up, Girls, the dangers of mobile games, and plenty more besides.
UKA North Podcast Ep 5 - Collecting
UKA North Podcast 5
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 17 Dec 2016

Mr Seb and Ross are joined by the inimitable James as the trio discuss their collecting habits and probe the Freudian nightmare of what drives them! Not for the faint of heart, you have been warned...
An Audience with Peach-Pit
An Audience with Peach-Pit
posted by Elliot Page
on 08 Dec 2016

A transcription of the Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016 Live stage interview with the manga powerhouse duo Peach-Pit, Creators of Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara, and much more besides!
Under the Covers: Seraph of the End Part 2
Seraph of the End Part 2
posted by Andy Hanley
on 06 Dec 2016

Seraph of the End comes to an end, and we take a look at the second half of the series in its UK Collector's Edition form.
UKA Podcast Live - December 4th 2016
Live Podcast - 4th December
posted by Andy Hanley
on 04 Dec 2016

Nothing says Christmas like zombies and monster girls, so allow Elliot and Andy to bring some festive spirit into your December with our latest live show.
UKA North Podcast Ep 4 - Special Editions
UKA North Podcast 4
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 03 Dec 2016

Ross and Seb muse on the nature of what makes a worthy special edition for games and anime - plus a bit of Transformer talk and a hint of changes to the UK Anime Network. And wine, of course.
UK Anime Network Podcast - November 2016
Podcast - Crunchyroll's Terry Li
posted by Andy Hanley
on 29 Nov 2016

For this month's podcast, we invite Crunchyroll's Terry Li onto the show to talk all about the streaming service - how it's faring, where it's going, and of course the company's partnership with Funimation - and to answer your questions.
Under the Covers: The Tatami Galaxy
The Tatami Galaxy
posted by Andy Hanley
on 23 Nov 2016

This isn't our first contact with The Tatami Galaxy and it certainly isn't our worst contact, as we check out this new HD edition of Masaaki Yuasa's impressive and surreal series.
The Compatible Aesthetics of Big O
Aesthetics of The Big O
posted by Alexander Smit
on 22 Nov 2016

The Big O draws important influences not just from mecha anime, but also from film noir - Alexander Smit digs into this somewhat forgotten classic to discuss how and why it does this.
UKA North Podcast Episode 2
UKA North Podcast 2
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 22 Nov 2016

Ross and Seb return, surprisingly unharmed. As well as a Northern slant on the latest news (read: tight) we answer the burning question of our age - who are these old guys?