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UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 5th June 2016

Boys and bikes, boys and beasts, girls who like boys and boys who like girls and girls who like girls... love is in the air, at least until we start talking about the anime industry.

Michael Arias interview

From animation software development to directing anime - the career of Michael Arias is a hugely varied one filled with notable achievements. We sat down to talk about this career with the director of Harmony himself at May's MCM London Comic Con, and the result is this mammoth interview.

UK Anime Network Podcast - May 2016

We come to you fresh from the latest MCM London Comic Con, and what an event it was. Announcements! Guests! Goodies! Swear-filled on-stage rants! Elliot and Andy break down everything that went on at the show.

Gundam: The Origin interview

With 35 years of history behind it, Sunrise's Mobile Suit Gundam franchise shows no signs of slowing down. With the series returning to its true roots via on-going OVA series Gundam: The Origin, we got to sit down with series producer Osamu Taniguchi and mechanical designer Mika Akitaka to talk about their experiences at the MCM London Comic Con.

FunimationNow Catalogue Gems

FunimationNow have now launched in the UK, bringing with them a wealth of new content. With simulcasts typically taking the spotlight, we wanted to turn some attention to their catalogue titles which are well worth your time.

Under the Covers: Seraph of the End S1 P1

Having bitten into its contents in non-final form recently, a full retail copy of the Seraph of the End in Blu-ray Collector's Edition form has now flown our way - we duly devour it whole.

UK Anime Network Podcast Live - 15th May 2016

After the delights of Eurovision the previous night, what better time to talk about Harmony? The Project Itoh film, that is. We also discuss cycling via Yowamushi Pedal, the perils of dating girls while the Grim Reaper is watching, pen A Letter to Momo and discuss a bevvy of recent news and juicy gossip.

The week in UK Anime - 14th May 2016

This week, we talk about Comic Con preparations, and reflect on the growing importance of exclusive content in the anime sphere.

Through the Mailbox EX: Seraph of the End

Universal Pictures' entry in to the UK anime market on home video is almost upon us, and although we don't have a final retail sample yet we do have all of the physical contents to take a look at as well as the series itself on DVD. We take a bite out of this vampire-infused release to see how it tastes.

Seraph of the End Part 1 pre-order trailer

Seraph of the End is coming to the UK on home video on May 23rd - we have an exclusive first look at its pre-order trailer, as well as one of the trading cards shipping with this Collector's Edition release!

Monogatari's Got What Teenage You Needs

Being a teenager is a tough and complicated affair, and so can appreciating the nuances of Nisio Isin's Monogatari series. Alexander Smit steps in to explain why its anime adaptation is a quintessential view of teenage strife and growth.

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