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UK Anime Podcast Episode 4
UKA Podcast S03E04
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 27 Aug 2017

Ross and Mr Seb return, realising that nobody actually knows who they are so begin a journey of self-discovery through Japanese Anime special editions. Yes, really.
UKA Podcast S3E03 - More than meets the eye
UKA Podcast S3E03
posted by Seb Reid
on 20 Aug 2017

Ross and Mr Seb are talking giant robots. Including a personal favourite - Transformers!
TF Nation 2017 Retrospective
TFNation 2017
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 19 Aug 2017

Ross and Sophie visit the UK's biggest Transformers convention for the second year running. Time for a lot of robots!
UKA Podcast S3 E02 - Two defy Conventions
UKA Podcast Season 3
posted by Seb Reid
on 13 Aug 2017

Editor in Chief Ross and the abominable Mr Seb, discuss hacking, conventions and giant robots with the usual mix of anime news, chat and insightful opinion, powered by a bottle of red.
UKA Podcast - a new new beginning
UKA Podcast Season 3
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 06 Aug 2017

Returning Editor-in-Chief Ross Liversidge takes over UKA's podcast duties together with co-host Mr Seb. The usual news and views powered by vino.
UK Anime Network Podcast - July 2017
Podcast finale
posted by Andy Hanley
on 01 Aug 2017

All good things must come to an end, and so it goes for the final instalment of the UK Anime Network Podcast in its current form. Elliot and Andy both say their goodbyes, ensuring our editor-in-chief gets an emotional send-off in the process, but not before we get down to business and cast a glance over the summer 2017 anime season so far.
UKA on Cardfight Vanguard
UKA on Vanguard
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 24 Jul 2017

Returning Editor Ross and his co-host Bryony take a look at Bushiroad's Cardfight Vanguard card game - is it as comlplex as it looks?
UKA Podcast Live - 16th July 2017
Live Podcast - 16th July
posted by Andy Hanley
on 16 Jul 2017

Andy shuts himself in to play Accel World vs Sword Art Online, then watches an anime about a girl shutting herself into play video games in Umaru-chan, while Elliot has been diving back into the world of Gunslinger Girl. All this and more make up this week's live show.
UKA Podcast Live - 2nd July 2017
Live Podcast - 2nd July
posted by Andy Hanley
on 02 Jul 2017

What's going on In This Corner of the World for our latest live show? A hangover aside, the answer is in the question.
Summer 2017 anime preview
Summer 2017 anime preview
posted by Dan Barnett
on 28 Jun 2017

Is this going to be a long, hot summer for anime fans, or should we be worried about a drought of good series? Dan Barnett digs into what we can expect from the coming months.
 UK Anime Network Podcast - June 2017
Spring season wrap-up
posted by Andy Hanley
on 26 Jun 2017

With spring on the cusp of having well and truly sprung, Elliot and Andy convene to look back on the current season of anime, voice their anticipated shows of the summer, and of course catch up on all the latest news.
Under the Covers: Otomo - A Global Tribute
Otomo - A Global Tribute
posted by Andy Hanley
on 20 Jun 2017

With AKIRA reaching its 35th anniversary and its creator receiving one of the most prestigious prizes in the industry, Kodansha Comics compile a tribute to Katsuhiro Otomo from luminaries of the world of manga and beyond - we take a look at the gorgeous result.