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UKA Staff Best Anime of 2019
Best Anime 2019
Ross Liversidge on 08 Jan 2020

The UKA team look back at their favourite anime of 2019 - whether it moved, excited or scared them!
Adventures at Yuruket
Adventures at Yuruket
Dan Barnett on 19 Dec 2019

Or that time you thought the event you were visiting was something else entirely...
Tokyo Comic Con
Tokyo Comic Con
Dan Barnett on 05 Dec 2019

The intrepid Dan braves Tokyo's largest comic-culture event - what treasures lie within?
Thoughtbubble 2019
Thoughtbubble 2019
Dan Barnett on 18 Nov 2019

Dan leads the UKA gang down to Thoughtbubble, taking place in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
An Audience with Takeshi Yashiro and Satoshi Akutsu
Studio TECARAT at Kotatsu 2019
Alex Jones on 18 Oct 2019

Studio TECARAT visit Wales for Kotatsu Festival 2019!
Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2019
Kotatsu Festival 2019
Alex Jones on 12 Oct 2019

We visit Cardiff's premier anime festival for another fantastic year
MCM Scotland 2019 - Dragon Ball Super Voice actors Interview
Dragon Ball Super VA interview
Robert Mullarkey on 30 Sep 2019

We sat down with the voice cast of Dragon Ball Super to take about anime voice acting.
Picarto.TV - bringing live art to the masses
Ross Liversidge on 27 Sep 2019

The live-art streaming service has been picking up serious momentum with both artists and fans of creative projects - we speak to Picarto about their origins and plans for the future.
Top 5 Geek spots visit in Seoul
Top 5 Geek spots in Seoul
Ross Liversidge on 19 Sep 2019

It's been three years since I last visited Korea, and on this occasion I had time to explore a bit - what anime-themed delights lurk within?
Visiting Leeds Arcade Club
Leeds Arcade Club
Ross Liversidge on 11 Jun 2019

Some of the UKA team decided to meet up at Leeds' latest and greatest attraction, the Leeds Arcade Club.
A day at Kupo-Con's the Wee Pom event
Kupo-Con Glasgow 2018
Robert Mullarkey on 28 Jan 2019

Our games Editor Robert went along to his first ever Kupo-Con
UKA Podcast S04E14 - Happy New Year
UKA Podcast S04E14
Seb Reid on 23 Jan 2019

Dan and Rob discuss the new season, while an overworked, tired and ill Seb tries his best to keep himself alive! We cover the new anime season and the news!
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 4
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 4
Seb Reid on 30 Dec 2018

Its finally the finale and our team is not doing well. Much gin has been consumed, we are very merry, but we are ready to battle for the big one! This day has our final awards, Best Manga and the Editor's Choice for Anime of the Year 2018. We also reveal the results of the Reader's Choice Awards 2018!
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 3
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 3
Seb Reid on 29 Dec 2018

Seb, Dan, Rob, Martin and now Alex, consume yet more gin, enter the levels of drunkeness, and fight, loudly and proudly, for their anime to be declared the Worst of 2018! Also we look at other technical elements such as Best Visuals, Soundtrack and Best Physical Edition.
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 2
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 2
Seb Reid on 28 Dec 2018

Seb, Dan, Rob and Martin are making merry progress through a bottle of gin, as its time for the Best Film, Best Character and Best Game awards! Content Warning - Does contain strong language at times.
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 1
UKA Awards 2018 - Day 1
Seb Reid on 27 Dec 2018

Seb, Dan, Rob and Martin begin the UK Anime Network Awards with the Best Action, Best Comedy, Best Writing and Best Moment awards. Content Warning - Does contain strong language at times.
Sapporo Snow Festival 2018
Sapporo Snow Festival
Bryony Stibbons on 20 Dec 2018

Bryony, Ross and Dan take in the delights of the Sapporo Snow Festival. Originally posted back in May but we thought it was worth re-posting in case anyone is thinking of planning a visit for the up-coming festival in Feb 2019.
UKA Podcast S04E13 - Merry Christmas!
UKA Podcast S04E13
Seb Reid on 15 Dec 2018

Seb, Dan, Rob and Martin meet up for the annual awards podcast. Discussing the news, reviews and giving each other boozy gifts... with help from the cat...
OZ is real
Hasoda foretells all with Summer Wars
Dan Barnett on 28 Nov 2018

A peek into the future with Summer Wars
UKA Podcast S04E12 - Take on me...
UKA Podcast S04E12
Seb Reid on 24 Nov 2018

Seb, Dan and Martin finally talk about anime, plus news, reviews and abuse as hangovers abound!