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Making Zelda playable in Breath of the Wild 2

Should Zelda be playable in the next adventure?

Author: Olly Smith


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Interview with Oliver Barder
Interview with Oliver Barder
Ross Locksley on 22 Nov 2020

Meet our Mecha Overlord!
Interview with Sofia Alexander
Interview with Sofia Alexander
Ross Locksley on 20 Nov 2020

The Creator of Crunchyroll's Original series, Onyx Equinox
Hige Driver - Exclusive Interview
Hige Driver Interview
Luther Dickson on 09 Nov 2020

Getting to know the master of Chiptunes!
Kotatsu Festival 2020 Goes Online
Kotatsu Festival 2020
Alex Jones on 27 Oct 2020

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wales' premier Japanese animation festival the only way 2020 will let us - online!
Free Anime 4 All
Free Anime 4 All
Robert Frazer on 10 Sep 2020

A round-up of the free anime available to view on the "All 4" streaming service.
My Hero Academia - Second Highest in Demand
My Hero Academia - In High Demand!
Luther Dickson on 31 Aug 2020

My Hero Academia comes in at number two in Observer's 10 Most Popular TV Shows. What's the secret of it's success?
Amazon's Removal of Light Novels
Amazon censors Light Novels
Luther Dickson on 23 Jul 2020

Popular manga and light novel titles have been removed from Amazon. Luther looks at the facts so far.


Interview with Sunghoo Park
Sunghoo Park Interview
Ross Locksley on 23 Jul 2020

The God of High School director shares his thoughts about his latest series and the industry in general.

Anime and the Afterlife - Haibane Renmai and Angel Beats
Anime and the Afterlife
Richard Durrance on 19 Jul 2020

Richard ponders what lies beyond the great veil, and whether anime has the answer

Visiting Japan from your couch
Visiting Japan from your couch
Dan Barnett on 05 Jul 2020

A look at some of the shows about the real Japan to keep us going

Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town Press pack
Story of Seasons Press Pack
Robert Mullarkey on 12 Jun 2020

The good folks at Marvelous sent us this promotional press pack for the upcoming release of Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town

Thoughts on Sony's Playstation 5 Launch
Playstation 5 Thoughts
Dan Barnett on 12 Jun 2020

Like millions of others, we watched last night's streamed Playstation 5 launch - here's what stood out.

Japanese live-action Festival Roundup
Japanese live-action Festival Roundup
Jordan Scott on 11 Jun 2020

Looking for some films to fill your time? Jordan Scott has rounded up all the online festival offerings for you to enjoy.

Tower of God Voice Actors Interview
Tower of God VA Interview
Ross Locksley on 08 Jun 2020

We speak to Jeannie Tirado, Kiera Buckland, Johnny Yong Bosh & Chris Hackney

Screen Anime - First impressions
Screen Anime - First impressions
Robert Mullarkey on 26 May 2020

A look at the newest anime streaming platform for curated films from Anime Ltd

Behind the Costume with JinxyGee
Behind the Costume: JinxyGee
Dan Barnett on 12 May 2020

We sit down with JinxyGee to talk all things cosplay

Behind the Costume with Ashe
Behind the Costume: Ashe
Dan Barnett on 06 May 2020

We sit down for a chat with Ashe to Find how a love of cosplay turned into a new career.

Behind the Costume with Cosplayholic
Behind the Costume: Cosplayholic
Dan Barnett on 29 Apr 2020

We interview award-winning cosplayer Cosplayholic and try to divine the secrets of her success. We think it has something to do with making sleeves....

Behind the Costume with Pentacharm
Behind the Costume: Pentacharm
Dan Barnett on 23 Apr 2020

We have a natter with Abbey (aka Pentacharm) and try to steal from her the secrets of cosplay success.

Investigating the Top Knot Detective
Top Knot Detective
Richard Durrance on 21 Apr 2020

Richard discovers an Australian mockumentary about TV Samurai drama, Ronin Suiri Tanta.