UKA Release Calendar

UKA Release Calendar

All incoming Anime & Manga releases listed.

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UKA - The Rebirth

Editor Ross Liversidge takes us through UKA's recent changes, culminating with the design of Mizuki, the site's official mascot.

TOKYOPOP Interview

We sit down with Andrew Whelan of TOKYOPOP and talk about 2008 and the company's plans for 2009.

Talking Japanese Part 2

Kevin comes to the end of his look at learning Japanese. Bai bai minna-san!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Preview

Kevin Leathers is invited to London to view a very special preview of this Xbox 360 exclusive RPG

Talking Japanese

Kevin Leathers takes us through his experiences as he tackles learning Japanese.

Crunchyroll - The future of anime viewing?

2009 is threatening to become the year when viewing anime online takes on a new, entirely legal form, with Crunchyroll at the head of this impending revolution. Is it ready to become to anime viewers what iTunes is to music lovers?

London Expo release round up

The October 2008 Expo revealed a wealth of new titles coming very soon.

Sword of the Stranger Screening

Jonathan attended the Beez premier screening of Sword of the Stranger - he shares his thoughts here.

The HD Era

Kevin Leathers takes a look at the HD arena and how it'll affect the average anime fan.

An evening with Tokyopop

We attend Tokyopop's ReCon evenings at Harrogate's Waterstones bookshop.

Classics of Anime - Fruits Basket

Find out how one anime series saved this website...

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