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UKA Release Calendar

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The 2009 Awards

UK Anime celebrates the end of the year with its pick of the greatest series and products of the past twelve months. Just what releases were found to be worthy of a UK Anime award?

Beez Oct 2009 Expo Interview

Once again we track down Andrew from Beez and get him to talk about the company and the announcements made at last month's London Expo.

MVM Oct Expo 2009 Interview

We talk to Tony at MVM about the company's announcements from the London MCM Expo and the plans the company have for the future.

Manga Oct Expo 2009 Interview

UKA talks to Jerome Mazandarani of Manga Entertainment UK about their announcements at the London MCM Expo and keeping in touch with the community.

Dragon Ball Game On!

Kevin takes a look at latest Dragon Ball games coming to consoles in the UK.

Interview with Masahiro Ando and Masahiko Minami

UK Anime interviews Sword of the Stranger director Masahiro Ando and co-founder of Studio Bones Masahiko Minami.

Osteology - A study of Bones

In celebration of the visit of animation studio Bones to the London MCM Expo for October 2009, we've taken a look at the origins and output of the company since its foundation.

Classics of Anime - Cowboy Bebop

Kevin takes a look at one of the most popular series in recent times, Cowboy Bebop and sees what makes it tick.

Beez Interview

Kevin talks to Andrew of Beez about upcoming titles, the digital release of Gurran Lagann and takes questions from the forum.

Autumn 2009 anime preview

Andy Hanley casts his eyes over all of the new anime due to air in Japan as part of the Autumn 2009 season.

Ayacon Haruko Momoi Interview Part 2

The second part of the Haruko Momoi Interview that took place at Ayacon in August. This time the audience ask the questions

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