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Yu-Gi-Oh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time preview report
posted by Robert Frazer
on 30 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time is currently on release in UK cinemas - as Robert Frazer recounts his experience of a special preview event showcasing the movie, it's well worth taking the time to catch it now!
Avoid the Royal Wedding by watching romance anime
posted by Andy Hanley
on 25 Apr 2011

Fed up of hearing about the Royal Wedding? We point out ten romance-driven anime series that are far better than watching a procession of posh people in silly hats.
UK Anime Network podcast 09 - April 21st 2011
posted by Andy Hanley
on 24 Apr 2011

After an enforced one month break (yes, we broke the recording), the UK Anime Network podcast returns to discuss the Spring 2011 anime season with special guest Matt Kamen.
Vocaloid in the UK
posted by Elliot Page
on 06 Apr 2011

Given the rising popularity and increasing visibility of Vocaloid music, we look at ways for you to get your hands (or rather, ears) on some awesome tunes!
Nintendo's 3DS hits the UK
posted by Kevin Leathers
on 25 Mar 2011

With the Nintendo 3DS' launch today, we talk a look at what the new console holds for anime fans.
Mamoru Hosoda - The Wizard of OZ
posted by Andy Hanley
on 22 Mar 2011

With the impending release of Summer Wars in the UK, we explore the career and works of its mastermind, director Mamoru Hosoda.
Spring 2011 anime preview
posted by Andy Hanley
on 14 Mar 2011

A new anime season in Japan is drawing closer by the day, and it's a bumper one this time around. We look at all of the new series making their debut this spring.
Toshimichi Mori and Daisuke Ishiwatari interview
posted by Andy Hanley
on 09 Mar 2011

At the Bunkasai event in London on March 5th, UK Anime were lucky enough to spend some time with both Toshimichi Mori and Daisuke Ishiwatari, the creators of the Blazblue and Guilty Gear fighting game franchises respectively. Find out what they had to say in our exclusive interview!
Bunkasai: A very British Japanese culture festival
posted by Andy Hanley
on 08 Mar 2011

Saturday, March 5th saw the latest Bunkasai Japanese culture festival take place in London - Andy Hanley was there to check it out.
UK Anime Network podcast 08 - February 24th 2011
posted by Andy Hanley
on 27 Feb 2011

This month, Andy Hanley is joined by fellow contributor Elliot Page to discuss the forthcoming series of We Love Anime events, the joys of Redline and Madoka Magica, and a host of other goodies.
Uniqlo presents: We Love Anime
posted by Andy Hanley
on 14 Feb 2011

Like the sound of an event which brings anime film screenings right across the UK? Then you'll fall in love with We Love Anime, which sets out to do just that. We explain just what you'll be able to look forward to over the coming months.
Lost My Music - Anime music on iTunes UK
posted by Andy Hanley
on 08 Feb 2011

Looking for anime music on iTunes? The UK doesn't have much to choose from, but we pick out a few gems that might just be worth parting with your cash for.