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Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW Q and A Session

A Question and Answer session with director Koiji Masanori and producer Tomonori Ochikoshi at the London BFI Anime Weekend.

ALCL London Anime Con 2010

We headed out to the Anime League Club London's London Anime Convention for 2010 - Check out our report from the event!

Interview with 91.8 The Fan

On the evening of June 17th, our very own Andy Hanley took part in an interview with online anime-centric radio station 91.8 The Fan, to serve as the voice of anime fans in the UK and express his thoughts and opinions of what it's like to be an anime lover in this country.

Summer 2010 anime preview

Now that summer is upon us, it's decision time - Would you rather lounge around on the beach or at a barbecue, or would you prefer to catch up on the latest anime? Our summer season preview will help you decide.

Rebuild of Evangelion at the BFI Anime Weekend

As part of the BFI Anime Weekend, London played host to both Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. UK Anime were there to witness the latest take on Hideaki Anno's timeless franchise with our own eyes.

Crunchyroll Interview

Our editor puts your questions to streaming anime pioneer Crunchyroll - what's next from the company that bought you anime, online?

MangaGamer interview

We quiz growing visual novel translator and distributor MangaGamer on all things bishoujo, including some exclusive teasers from some of their as-yet unannounced titles!

Classics of Anime - Azumanga Daioh

For our latest Classics of Anime instalment, Andy Hanley picks up a timeless series which changed the face of comedy in anime forever.

Spring 2010 anime preview

Spring is in the air as we take a look at all of the latest anime to hit Japanese television as part of their spring 2010 season of shows.

Makoto Shinkai - The voice of a distant star

To celebrate this years "Global Shinkai Day", Andy Hanley takes a look at the distinguished career of director and creator Makoto Shinkai.

Rising Star Games Interview

Kevin Leathers talks to Yen Hau of Rising Star Games about the challenges with bringing Japanese games to the European market.

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