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UKA Podcast Live - 19th March 2017

Films, films, films! We have lots of movies to talk about this week, from the theatrical release of A Silent Voice through to a streaming outing for the Trinity Seven movie.

A Prominent Voice - The Naoko Yamada interview

Prior to the full UK theatrical release of Kyoto Animation's A Silent Voice, we sat down with the film's remarkable director Naoko Yamada to talk about the movie and her illustrious career to date.

Under the Covers: Spirited Away, Laputa Steelbooks

A year after the last batch of Steelbooks in this collection, another two Zavvi-exclusive Studio Ghibli offerings land on our doorstep in the form of Spirited Away and Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Does this new presentation do these Miyazaki classics justice?

UKA Podcast Live - 5th March 2017

We kick off our latest live show by talking about the travails of 30-something singles - but enough about Elliot and Andy, we also talk about a whole heap of manga, anime, news and plenty more besides.

Yorkshire Cosplay Con Interview

The Yorkshire Cosplay Con returns in June 2017, we talk to the organisers Kat and Jon to find out what you can look forward to at one of the year's top events!

UK Anime Network Podcast - February 2017

Anime Limited's Jeremy Graves joins the crew for our February podcast, to catch up on what's going on at a busy time for the UK distributor.

Under the Covers: Ghost in the Shell Deluxe

Kodansha Comics this week release these three Deluxe omnibus editions of Masamune Shirow's original Ghost in the Shell manga, so we take a look to see if they should be a ghost on your shelf.

UKA Podcast Live - 19th February 2017

In our latest live show, Elliot realises that even No-Rin is one Rin too many, Andy takes a Call of Justice but hangs up, and there's more news than you can shake a dragon's toothpick at to discuss.

UKA Podcast Live - 5th February 2017

Sunday evening means it's time for another.... whatever this show is. It's been a long January, okay?

UK Anime Network Podcast - January 2017

There's much to discuss for our first full-fat podcast of 2017 - Elliot, Andy and Dan convene to talk all about the exciting autumn 2016 anime season, and share their thoughts on the winter 2017 season so far.

UK Anime Network Podcast Special - Victoria Holden

In this special edition of the show, Crunchyroll's Victoria Holden (aka Sailorbee) swings by for a light-hearted chat about her love of anime, how that passion turned into her job, and how it ultimately shapes the way the streaming service interacts with their community.

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