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UKA Release Calendar

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Under the Covers: My Hero Academia Season 1

Universal Pictures are on the cusp of releasing their first UK product on behalf of Funimation, and it's a super-charged one - we use all our might to take an in-depth look at this first season Collector's Edition of My Hero Academia.

UKA Podcast Live - 7th May 2017

After a false start to this weekend's live show, there's no falsehoods to be attributed to our thoughts on everything from Gundam Wing to Tokyo Marble Chocolate, while we also round-up another eclectic crop of news.

Under the covers: SHIROBAKO Ema Yasuhara figure

As we haven't had any other outlet for expressing our love of SHIROBAKO here in the UK for a while, we celebrate the series through the lens of this new figure from Alter.

UK Anime Network Podcast - April 2017

The spring anime season has sprung upon us, and it's proved to be more of a surprise than perhaps it should have been. Elliot and Andy sit down to chew over some of the big shows of the season, as well as digging into the latest news.

Under the Covers: Evangelion 1.11 Collector's

Anime Limited look to rebuild Evangelion in the UK with this re-release of Evangelion 1.11; we check it out in comparison to Manga Entertainment's previous Collector's Edition offering.

UKA Podcast Live - 17th April 2017

Elliot and Andy tear themselves away from their palaces and talking cats to talk about... well, Persona 5 mostly, but plenty of news besides.

Under the Covers: Serial Experiments Lain CE

It may have first aired back in 1998, but how does Serial Experiments Lain fare in the present day, present time? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

UK Anime Network Podcast - March 2017

The winter season is all but at an end, so in this month's 'cast Elliot and Andy dissect the hits and misses of the last few months.

Under the Covers: Lone Wolf and Cub

This beloved cult samurai live-action film series gets a new coat of paint courtesy of Criterion - we take a look at the innards of this svelte new edition containing all six films and plenty more besides.

Hayao Miyazaki: A Legend Returns

Hayao Miyazaki returns... again.

Simulpub Manga - Not fit for purpose?

There is a new wave in digital manga - releases of single chapters of series, more and more of which are in step with the Japanese releases (or simulpubs, as they're known). While an interesting development, I would argue that they are a frustration and a missed opportunity for digital manga.

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