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A Beginners Guide to S.H. Figuarts
Simple Style, Heroic Action
posted by Alex Jones
on 23 Mar 2018

The past, present and future of Bandai Tamashii Nations' flagship action figure line!
UKA Podcast - Nightmare in Matlock!
UKA Podcast S03E32
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 20 Mar 2018

Last weekend was UKA Stock, the annual retreat for UKA writers and friends of the site - unfortunately, they were snowed in and no one has seen them since. Only this audio survives...
UKA Podcast - The Toybox
UKA Podcast S03E31
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 11 Mar 2018

Ross is joined by Mr Seb and new toys and games editor, Bryony, to discuss new additions to the website and some awesome boardgames. Takenoko, Sakura Arms and Crows Overkill all get a look in, as well as the latest news and Mr Seb's mystery virus!
Hi-Metal R - Bandai's Mini-Revolution
Small is beautiful
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 05 Mar 2018

Bandai is making waves away from it's Soul of Chogokin line by thinking small - 1/100 scale to be exact.
UKA Podcast - The Anime Season Rundown
UKA Podcast S03E30
posted by Seb Reid
on 04 Mar 2018

Mr Seb is joined by Rob, Alex and Dan to discuss the new anime season, including Violet Evergarden, Devilman Crybaby, B: The Beginning, Yuru Camp and many more. Has the season been a triumph or a failure?
UKA Podcast - Reflecting on Tokyo
UKA Podcast S03E29
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 25 Feb 2018

Ross and Mr Seb have found some wine, and in their penultimate night in Tokyo, sit around the virtual fire and discuss life in Tokyo. The last of our Tokyo podcasts starts here!
Wonder Festival 2018 Winter
WonderFest 2018
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 22 Feb 2018

Ross and Mr Seb visit Makahari Messe to cover the Winter Wonder Festival for the fist time ever - read our thoughts and view the gallery!
UKA Podcast - Wonder Festival 2018
UKA Podcast S03E28
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 19 Feb 2018

Mr Seb joins Ross in Tokyo for Wonder Festival 2018. The intrepid duo brave the Japanese winter to bring you the latest pictures of the greatest figure show on Earth! Also, news and some grumbling about Zazzle!
UKA Podcast - Adventures in Japan
UKA Podcast S03E27
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 12 Feb 2018

Ross, Dan & Bryony have braved the Sapporo Winter Festival and toured Tokyo, catch up with their adventures so far...
NekoPara OVA Collector's Edition
NekoPara OVA Collector's Edition
posted by Seb Reid
on 05 Feb 2018

Seb goes all nya-nya for the NekoPara OVA Collector's Edition and he hopes that you will too.
UKA Podcast - Wonderfes and Anime Industry Stats
UKA Podcast Season 3
posted by Seb Reid
on 04 Feb 2018

Ross and Mr Seb celebrate their 6 month podcast anniversary, announce their plans for Wonderfest and examine just how the anime industry is changing as the market continues to grow, driven by the West! All this and the usual news, wine, sarcasm and misplaced confidence only we can muster!
UK Anime Podcast S03E25 - Streaming Anime
UKA Podcast S03E25
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 28 Jan 2018

Ross and Mr Seb are joined by Dan B to discuss the usual news and gossip, and then delve even deeper into the season's new anime shows.