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UK Anime Network podcast - October 2015

The latest MCM London Comic Con is over, but it still lives on it our hearts - which is why Elliot and Andy summarily pour their hearts out to cover all of the announcements and detail all of their thoughts surrounding the event.

Tezuka Kickstarters - A Ravenous Blight?

As Digital Manga Publishing's Kickstarter campaign for Wonder 3 draws to a close, Elliot Page argues that these efforts may have gone awry...

Scotland Loves Anime 2015 live show

Elliot Page and Andy Hanley convene in front of a live audience at the Edinburgh Filmhouse to talk about the cornucopia of films on show at Scotland Loves Anime 2015.

Under the Covers: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

No matter what trials and tribulations its titular character has gone through, surely nothing can match the bizarre adventure undertaken by this series to make it to the UK on DVD, and we check out this rather unusual release.

Rampo Kitan and the hypocrisy of justice

Justice, crime and punishment are topics in which we all have a vested interest - which makes it all the more interesting when an anime series sets itself up to test our beliefs.

UK Anime Network podcast - September 2015

The summer is over, but rather than mourn it's passing Elliot and Andy convene to celebrate the life of the summer anime season and the joy it brought to our lives. And by joy, we mean monster girls.

Viewster's Omakase Alpha Box

We check out the "Alpha Box" of Viewster's forthcoming Omakase service.

Autumn 2015 anime preview

With more than 60 shows to choose from, it's all set to be a busy autumn season of anime - but what's worthy of your time? We try to figure it out courtesy of our new season preview guide.

Under the Covers: 009 Re:Cyborg Limited Edition

The director of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East takes on the storied Cyborg 009 franchise, and the result is this CG movie from Production I.G., available here in 2D and 3D. We check out this Limited Edition release from Anime Limited.

Under the Covers: Love Live! Season 1

We've already taken a look at the contents of the discs but how about the package surrounding it? It's time for us to rekindle our love for Love Live and take a proper look at its Collector's Edition DVD form courtesy of MVM Entertainment.

UK Anime Network podcast - August 2015

Contemplating flying to Japan? We have plenty of thoughts to share on how to plan and execute upon a trip to the land of your dreams.

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