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The 2015 UK Anime Network Awards

The year is over, so what were our highlights and lowlights of 2015? Read on to find out all the nominees and winners for this year, including the champion of your very own Reader's Choice Award!

UK Anime Network Awards 2015 - The Deliberations

It's time for us to cast judgement on the year gone by. But what impressed and disappointed us in 2015? Our crack team of judges lock themselves into a room and argue out our UK Anime Network Award winners for the year.

Winter 2016 anime preview

Yes, 2016 is all but upon us, so what anime will we be enjoying in the New Year? As always, we guide you through what's worth your time and what might be best avoided for the winter season.

Under the Covers: Samurai Flamenco - Part 1

We did the robot when our copy of the first half of Samurai Flamenco landed in the office. We can't help but feel that it might have been the wrong choice of celebratory dance...

Under the Covers: Full Metal Panic Ultimate

If you need to get your fill of Full Metal Panic, then this Ultimate Edition has everything you need. We open up this hefty package to see what's contained within.

Miyazaki on Trial in The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises - Hayao Miyazaki's final feature-length film, and also his most controversial. Alexander Smit delves into what this movie has to say about its creator.

Viewster's Kill la Kill Omakase launch box

We lose our way with Omakase's Kill la Kill launch box from Viewster.

UK Anime Network podcast - November 2015

We're halfway through the autumn anime season, so Elliot and Andy rope in Dan Barnett to talk about the good and bad of the currently airing shows. Whether it's the heavily objectionable Heavy Object or the beauty of Beautiful Bones, we have it covered!

Thoughts on Thought Bubble

Ross and James kapow and ker-splat their way through the Thought Bubble 2015 convention held at Leeds Royal Armouries.

PnP: Sword Art Online Lost Song

This latest RPG derived from Reki Kawahara's popular has just hit the PlayStation 4 in its English language edition, and we fly into ALfheim Online to check it out.

Manga in the Museum

The UK Anime Network visits London to explore the British Museum's special exhibition "Manga Now: Three Generations".

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