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Luther Dickson

Favourite Anime

Princess Mononoke


Yu Yu Hakusho

Hunter X Hunter

Psycho Pass


Favourite Manga


Tokyo Ghoul



Death Note

Luther Dickson


Luther is a lifelong anime and manga fan, musician, and self-proclaimed professional loner. 

 His obsession with anime began as a child when he turned on the television to be astonished by the valiant hero Goku engaged in an all out brawl against the eccentric Ginyu Force. From that point onward, anything that even slightly resembled DBZ caught his eye.

 He would later discover Shonen Jump magazine, which changed his life forever. He has fond memories of SJ magazines towering from his elementary school desk , an overfilled backpack, and constantly attempting to draw the characters from the manga he loved during lunch and recess. These days, one can find him hiding away from the company his wife hosts, bingeing a great series. 

by Luther Dickson on 23 Jul 2020
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