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Alistair Jacklin

Favourite Anime

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Patlabor 2
Silver Spoon
Spice & Wolf


Favourite Manga

Made in Abyss
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Vinland Saga

Alistair Jacklin

Alistair Jacklin

Alistair is an independent scholar of anime history in the UK. He doesn't find as much time to watch anime as he used to but he still loves watching anime on the big screen. His first experience of anime was repeatedly renting Warriors of Wind from the local Ritz Video!

Outside of anime he works in financial services and is trying to learn to dance with his wife.

by Dan Barnett on 05 Jul 2020
Visiting Japan from your couch

A look at some of the shows about the real Japan to keep us going

by Robert Mullarkey on 12 Jun 2020
Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town Press pack

The good folks at Marvelous sent us this promotional press pack for the upcoming release of Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town

by Dan Barnett on 12 Jun 2020
Thoughts on Sony's Playstation 5 Launch

Like millions of others, we watched last night's streamed Playstation 5 launch - here's what stood out.

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Japanese live-action Festival Roundup

Looking for some films to fill your time? Jordan Scott has rounded up all the online festival offerings for you to enjoy.