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Wagakki Band's Aria of Life music video goes live
Wagakki Band's Aria of Life music video goes live

Wagakki Band's Aria of Life music video goes live

Written by Ross Locksley on 19 Apr 2021

Something fun for a Monday - Wagakki Band have released the OP for the new TV series MARS RED, titled Aria of Life.

The band is most famous for their track Senbounzakura, which has been viewed over 30 million times!

From the Press Release:

WagakkiBand’s song, ‘Aria of life ‘ is used for the opening of the TV Anime series ‘MARS RED’, which has just aired this April, and the animated opening video was released for the first time for the second episode of the Anime and delighted the viewers.

The collaboration of the song, which is created especially to suit the world of animation, and the beautiful animated image had a huge ripple effect.

And the full size music video(MARS RED ver.)of ‘Aria of Life’ with the animation of ‘MARS RED’ is also released on the official YouTube channel of WagakkiBand.

The original music video (WagakkiBand ver.) of ‘Aria of Life’ gained 1 million views in the shortest period of time so far for the band.

‘MARS RED’ is originally a music recitation drama and this series is the first animated production for TV. This TV Anime series has been created with amazing talents and has gained great attention.

‘MARS RED’ is written by Bun-O Fujisawa who is the leading person of the world of music recitation drama. The character draft was created by Kemuri Karakara (‘Donten ni Warau-Laughing under the cloud ‘and ‘Rengou ni Warau’).

Series composition and screenplay was done by Junichi Fujisaku (screenplay of ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ and director, series composition, direction and screenplay of ‘Blood+’)

The story is developed around ’16th Special Force’, known as ‘Code Zero’, which is an unit formed against vampires by Japanese government in Taisho era.

This TV anime is on air on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TOKYO MX and its available for watching worldwide through Bilibili and Funimation.

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