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Violet Evergarden Piano Arrangements CD

Violet Evergarden Piano Arrangements CD

Written by Ross Locksley on 23 Mar 2022

Following production delays due to issues with the cover image, the new album, Though Seasons Change ~Violet Evergarden Piano Memories~ will now be released on March 30th.

Though Seasons ChangeThe new cover for Though Seasons Change

The album features piano arrangements from the series soundtrack, selected under supervision from composer Evan Call, they were arranged by Mayuka Sakai, who was also in charge of the Violet Evergarden series medley at the 5th Kyoto Animation Fan Appreciation Event held in November 2021.

A promotion video, The Legacy of Violet Evergarden, has been released on Youtube and can be enjoyed below:

Download/Subscription: *Available from March 30th

CD Purchase/Reservation: Reserve Here


▼Disc 1

Theme of Violet Evergarden
A Doll’s Beginning
A Simple Mission
Another Sunny Day
The Ultimate Price
The Long Night
An Admirable Doll
Back in Business
Across the Violet Sky
Wherever You Are, Wherever You May Be
Fractured Heart
Always Watching Over You
Never Coming Back
Letters From Heaven
What It Means To Love
One Last Message
The Love That Binds Us
The Birth of a Legend
To The Ends of Our World
Violet's Letter

▼Disc 2

Discovering the Past
The Legacy of Violet Evergarden
Violet and Isabella
A New Era Begins
Ink to Paper
A Place to Call Home
A Bond Between Sisters
Those Words You Spoke to Me
The Voice in My Heart
Yuris’ Confession
As the Days Pass Us By
For the Land That I Come From (Ctrigall Drinking Song)
Beyond These Waves
The Hardships of Gilbert Bougainvillea
Tears in the Rain
A Young Boy’s Last Wish
Live on for Me
Violet’s Final Letter
Echo Through Eternity
Her Spirit Lives On
Softly Sing to Me (Magnolia Family Lullaby)

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