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Tougen Anki anime adaptation announced

Tougen Anki anime adaptation announced

Written by Ross Locksley on 08 May 2024

Announced by Remow, Tougen Anki: Legend of the Cursed Blood (written by Yura Urushibara), currently a popular series in AKITASHOTEN’s Weekly Shōnen Champion, is being adapted into an anime series due for release in 2025. Part of the "second phase" of the IP's multimedia rollout, it has already been successfully adapted into a stage play starring Alan Abe and other prominent actors, which was well-received and has already confirmed a sequel set for January 2025.

Drawing from the beloved Japanese folktale "Momotaro," the series depicts the conflict between descendants of Oni (demons) and Momotaro. Since its debut in 2020, the manga has had over 3 million units printed, with its milestone 20th volume set to release on May 8th.

The casting has also been revealed. Kazuki Ura, active from the project's onset and recently awarded Best Lead Actor at the 18th Annual Seiyuu Awards in March, will voice Shiki Ichinose. Hiroshi Kamiya will portray Naito Mudano, a teacher at Rasetsu Academy where Shiki is enrolled, and Koutaro Nishiyama will voice Shiki's classmate Jin Kougasaki.


"You inherit the blood of an Oni (demon)..."

The bloodlines of "Oni" and "Momotaro" have been passed down among certain humans for generations. Long ago, the Oni, aware of their own ferocity, lived in seclusion. However, their peace was shattered by an invasion led by Momotaro. Over thousands of years, these two factions formed the "Momotaro Agency" and the "Oni Agency," respectively, and have been locked in conflict ever since.

The protagonist, Shiki Ichinose, suddenly learns of his Oni lineage following an unexpected attack by Momotaro. This revelation sets Shiki on a path to discover the destiny that lies within his blood — a meeting with the Oni dwelling within him.

— A new generation of dark heroics begins here in this tale of demons!

Tougen Anki Teaser Trailer:

Follow the project on the official Tougen Anki website.

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