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Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC brings in KoF franchise characters

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC brings in KoF franchise characters

Written by Ross Locksley on 09 Jun 2024

In a surprising move, given Street Fighter's unrivalled cast of available characters, Street Fighter 6 has announced its DLC for year 2, and half of the roster is from King of Fighters!

Revealing 4 characters to be added to the ranks, M. Bison is due to drop next. After Akuma this is a bit of a letdown as having two massively overpowered characters drop next to each other is a bit redundant, but fans of the character (assuming there are any) will be happy. I was much more excited to see Elena brought back, the Street Fighter III character has been relegated to background character status outside of her own iteration (we don't count SF x Tekken thank you or the broken version they imported to SF IV Ultra), so there's a lot that can be done to modernise her and make use of her capoeira inspired move-set. 

And then we have Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui entering the fray. This is a genuine surprise as it feels almost gimmicky given that "guest characters" are usually the last breath when everyone else has been utilised. How they'll fit in with the rest of the cast will be interesting, generally the two franchises mix together well, and I have to say I'd be interested to see Mai's character outfit available in the superb World Tour mode...

While I will admit to a pang of disappointment that my personal favourites Sakura and Ibuki have been overlooked again, it gives me a reason to keep firing up Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 trailer:

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