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Saint Seiya Live Action Trailer
Saint Seiya Live Action Trailer

Saint Seiya Live Action Trailer

Written by Ross Locksley on 01 Dec 2022

The first trailer has dropped for the Sony live-action Saint Seiya movie, which is set to star Sean Bean, Famke Janssen, NIck Stahl, Diego Tinoco and Mark Dacascos.

Toei will produce the film based on the manga and anime from Masami Kurumada from 1986, which regales us with the tail of The Saints, a band of warriors that gain their powers from the Goddess Athena who seeks to preserve the Earth from the ire of wayward Gods.

Mackenyu will take the titular role of Seiya who must undertake the challenge of gaining the Pegasus armour and take his place in the battle for Sienna (Iseman) who controls Godly powers. Bean plays Alman Kiddo, the leader of the Knights order who mentors Seiya.

The film is set to hit theatres in 2023.

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