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Netflix drop sneak peek at PLUTO anime
Netflix drop sneak peek at PLUTO anime

Netflix drop sneak peek at PLUTO anime

Written by Tom Watson on 24 Feb 2023

Netflix have uploaded a sneak peek at their upcoming PLUTO anime adaptation of the award winning manga from Osamu Tezuka. Based on his acclaimed Astro Boy arc from 1964, the series will be animated by Studio M2 and produced by GENCO, in association with Tezuka Productions.

It's written by Naoki Urasawa (20th Century Boys, Yawara!, Master Keaton) and his long-time co-creator Takashi Nagasaki. 

Sneak Peek:

From the Press Release:

The suspense drama takes place in a neo-futuristic world where humans and high-functioning robots live in complete harmony. The globally acclaimed manga has won numerous awards, including the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. The 2015 stage adaptation of PLUTO returned in 2018 by popular demand and toured Japan and Europe.

“I applaud the courage of everyone that has taken on the challenge of making an anime based on PLUTO. I am excited about the birth of this new series to win over people’s hearts. I hope that now more than ever, Osamu Tezuka's message reaches the world,” says author Naoki Urasawa.

Co-author Takashi Nagasaki adds: “PLUTO inherits the philosophy of Tezuka and does not merely convey a message of  anti-war, but reminds us that there is suffering on both sides… but still, the only remaining answer is peace.”  


Supervisor Macoto Tezka, son of the late Osamu Tezuka adds: “The animated PLUTO is the real deal, and in addition to this being Urasawa’s latest work, this is also a new Tezuka anime. I can hardly wait to see how this new generation of anime turns out.”

Tom Watson
About Tom Watson

Primarily a board game addict, Tom’s interest in anime and manga began when some friends introduced him to Studio Ghibli and Attack on Titan.

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