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Macross to launch globally - Flash Back 2012 streaming now
Macross to launch globally - Flash Back 2012 streaming now

Macross to launch globally - Flash Back 2012 streaming now

Written by Ross Locksley on 22 Apr 2021

Bigwest have announced their intention to release Macross globally, creating a dedicated Youtube channel and Twitter account.

For a limited time only, Macross: Flash Back 2012 is streaming for a limted time - you can find it here.

The official website had messages to fans from designer Shoji Kawamori and character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto:

Mr. Shoji Kawamori:
For creators, works are something that only comes to life when someone sees them.
After a long and long time, the time that had stopped finally began to flow.
I am deeply grateful to all the people involved for their efforts in delivering the Macross series overseas again.
Thank you to all the fans who support us.
Together, we aim for further freedom and a new deculture.
World, galaxy, listen to Macross song !!!!!

Haruhiko Mikimoto:
When I was still living an ambiguous life as to whether I would become a professional, I asked
the people in Studio Nue to talk to me, and while taking care of various things, I participated as one of the original teams. After that, it was a project that was realized as "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross".
The "Macross" series, which gave me a strong boost to enter the world where I am working now, is one of my irreplaceable works.
Personally, I feel a little bit nervous that the work is not limited to animation, but the works of people involved in various forms, such as setting images, illustrations, comics, etc., do not have the opportunity to be seen widely overseas. However, I am very pleased to hear that the traffic control has been completed this time and that everyone overseas can fully view it.
Not only the anime version, which will change its appearance for each work, but also the related staff, and the works of each artist, including myself, who will devote themselves to illustrations, comics, etc. with cheering cheering to surround the main part of the animation. Thank you for your support! !!

The 30 minute OVA is a collection of music videos from the television series and the Macross: Do You Remember Love? theatrical remake from 1984. Released in 1987 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the series. The animation is especially notable for containing animated scenes originally intended for the TV series and movie endings which were cut for time. 

The TV series footage shows the launch of the Megaroad colonization ship that was captained by Misa Ichigo, and the theatrical footage is Lynn Minmay's final concert before boarding the same vessel and taking to the stars. The ship would mysteriously vanish 4 years into it's voyage, and the characters pass into legend. Maybe one day we'll find out what happened to them, but until then you can enjoy this fantastic slice of classic animation and 80's Jpop!

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