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Humble Monogatari Bundle

Humble Monogatari Bundle
Author: Dawffyd Kelly

Wargamer. Anime fan. Giant robot enthusiast. Congenietal absorber of science fiction & fantasy. Dawfydd is most definitely too old for this ****, but see's no point in stopping now. If only he could cut down on his use of the words 'dude' and 'groovy' in everyday conversation...

Continuing their mission to provide quality digital content in bundles whilst also contributing to charity, the fine folks at Humble Bundle have once again teamed up with Kodansha to bring us something special.

This time the mighty Monogatari light novel series is available for your reading pleasure. 

Starting from $1 and going up to $20, the bundle offers a staggering amount of content, topping out at 20 books and two audiobooks. 

The bundle is available until the 3rd of December.

Check out the deal here

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