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Disney Plus to exclusively distribute Macross worldwide

Disney Plus to exclusively distribute Macross worldwide

Written by Ross Locksley on 18 Mar 2024

In announcement on the official Macross Japan website, it has been announced that Disney Plus will be responsible for streaming the entire Macross saga globally. While the announcement mentions some titles will be restricted to Japan (by which we assume everything not related to the original Macross which remains in the sticky mitts of Harmony Gold) that's still a huge amount of Macross content to look forward to in 2024.

Macross on Disney Plus

From the Press Release:

The "Macross" series is a milestone in sci-fi animation that has produced a total of 18 titles so far, centered on "songs" that began with "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" broadcast in 1982, "mecha action of the variable fighter "Valkyrie", and "love triangle romance drama". After all, the charm of "Macross" is not only the robot battles, but also the many songs by the divas. In 1994 and 2017, albums containing songs from the play won the "Japan Gold Disc Awards Anime Category Album of the Year", and in 2020, the single also won the No. 1 spot in the Oricon Weekly Singles Ranking.

And now, all 18 titles in the "Macross" series, which has gained immense support among a wide range of generations, will be distributed on Disney Plus! The entire series is scheduled to be released by the end of 2024, and Disney Plus will be the only video distribution where you can watch all the titles together.

In addition, the series, which has been mainly viewed in Japan until now, will be distributed worldwide*! We hope you will enjoy the distribution with overseas fans who have been looking forward to it for more than 40 years. (*Some works are only available in Japan)

Prior to the start of distribution, a special visual drawing by Risa Ebata, who served as the character design and animation director of one of the most popular titles in the series, "Macross F", has been released! To celebrate the release of the entire series, all the members of "Valkyrie" such as Lin Mingmei, the diva who represents "Macross", and Freya Vion from "Macross Delta" have gathered! In addition, popular characters such as Hot Air Basara, Mylène F. Genus from "Macross 7", Ranka Lee from "Macross F", and Cheryl Norme, one of the most popular divas in the series, and the variable fighter (Valkyrie) YF-19 from "Macross Plus", which is popular with fans due to its overwhelming quality hand-drawn animation, will gather across the series and era! It has become a coveted piece for "Macross" fans. And a comment from Big West CEO Kamon Onishi has arrived!

"In 2021, it became possible to deliver Macross around the world."

"And now, together with a wonderful partner called Disney Plus, the latest work from "Super Dimension Fortress Macross Flash Back 2012" "Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute LIVE!!!!! We are very happy to be able to bring all of our works to everyone in the world."

"Disney Plus said that they wanted to distribute all the movies at once."

"It was also a dream of ours."

"The "Macross" series can be enjoyed on its own, but it is a series that can be enjoyed even more if you know the connection to each work."


"Please enjoy the greatest opportunity to learn about the world of "Macross" provided by Disney Plus."

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