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Crunchyroll release trailer for Onyx Equinox
Crunchyroll  release trailer for Onyx Equinox

Crunchyroll release trailer for Onyx Equinox

Written by Ross Locksley on 30 Oct 2020

Crunchyroll today unleased their terrifying trailer for the latest in their originals line, Onyx Equinox. Premiering on November 21st, the trailer should only be watched by those at least 15 years old or over - you have been warned!

From the Press Release:

Just in time for Halloween, Crunchyroll released today a dark trailer and more details about the upcoming Crunchyroll Original series “Onyx Equinox.” While the story highlights a young protagonist, the animation shows a seriously adult side in terms of bloodshed. This dark trailer may not be for the squeamish!


As seen in today’s trailer, the journey to save humanity is not going to easy for Izel and his friends Yaotl, a jaguar-like emissary of Tezcatlipoca, the powerful warrior Zyanya, the twins Yun and K’in, and the priestess Xanastaku.

“Viewers of 'Onyx Equinox' can expect an adult story, both in terms of on-screen action and the themes we tackle throughout the series,” said Sofia Alexander, creator and showrunner. “We're going to journey with Izel as he is forced to save a world he doesn’t believe he has a place in, coming face to face with both the darkness in the world and within himself.”

Ahead of the series premiere next month, Crunchyroll also revealed an expanded synopsis for “Onyx Equinox” -  The gods are at war for the future of humanity, and an Aztec boy named Izel finds himself caught in the middle of their dangerous game. In order to save humankind, he must complete an impossible task--closing the five gates to the underworld. Izel reluctantly agrees, but only after learning his quest will also correct a terrible tragedy. 

His journey to become humanity’s champion will be one of hope and despair, of trust and betrayal, where Izel must confront his own darkness and decide if the human race--with all its flaws and contradictions--is worth saving.

Crunchyroll also revealed more about each of the main characters, which can be found below (including their blood type, which is fitting with today’s trailer!). 

“Onyx Equinox” premieres November 21, only on Crunchyroll. The series is one of many Crunchyroll Original series that have launched so far this year including the high energy competition series “The God of High School” and the dark fantasy “Tower of God.” 

“Onyx Equinox” was created by executive producer and showrunner Sofia Alexander and the series will be dubbed in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German at launch. 

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