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Crunchyroll Hime launches new Youtube channel

Crunchyroll Hime launches new Youtube channel

Written by Ross Locksley on 11 Oct 2021

Crunchyroll are joining the Anitube revolution with their mascot, Crunchyroll Hime, who will host an inaugral broadcast on Tuesday 12th October. 

The channel will air curated anime shows, take questions from fans and discuss the latest hot topics from Japan.

You can subscribe to the channel by visiting the official Youtube page.


From the Press Release:

Hime’s debut stream will premiere on October 12 at 9 pm and she will stream every Tuesday and Thursday, chatting to fans worldwide about hot anime topics from Japan, exploring what’s new in gaming, and more! 

Hime will also hold monthly AniMarathons, where she will host a specially-curated block of anime episodes on her channel. 

The launch of Hime’s channel will allow fans to get to know Crunchyroll’s beloved anime ambassador. Hime currently interacts with fans through ‘The Daily Life of Crunchyroll-Hime’ weekly comic strip, which is localised into all Crunchyroll regions. Hime has also hosted the yearly Anime Awards, turned the iconic horror manga-artist Junji Ito into a VTuber for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo this year, hung out with her good friend Kizuna AI, and is coming to Crunchyroll’s TikTok! 

TikTok star Kristine Fel is helping power Crunchyroll-Hime. K.Fel previously collaborated with Crunchyroll to bring Hime to life for the 2021 Anime Awards, and she specializes in creating short-form anime-related and Japanese-language content.

Fans can subscribe to Crunchyroll-Hime’s channel by visiting here. Viewers are also encouraged to interact with Hime by sending in questions using #HimeLive on Twitter and dropping questions into the livestream during streams. Fans are also encouraged to #DrawHime for a special shoutout, 

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