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Comixology to merge with Kindle on December 4th

Comixology to merge with Kindle on December 4th

Written by Ross Locksley on 15 Nov 2023

Ever since taking over Comixology, Amazon has been making life near impossible for digital comic readers. In the latest attempt to destroy the Comixology brand entirely, Amazon announced today that the Comixology App is being retired on December 4th, and yes that means having to download your entire library to a separate app as there's no way to simply transfer them across. 

Amazon claims to have made major changes to Kindle in order to accommodate comics and manga, including:

  • Your library in the Kindle app now groups your issues, volumes, and omnibuses from the same series together.

  • The Kindle app now allows you to hide and unhide specific comics, graphic novels, and manga in your library. Titles you’ve already set to hide via the Comixology app will automatically be hidden in the Kindle app.

  • With your complete library of books now conveniently in one place, you can select ‘Comics & Manga’ from the in-app filter menu to quickly find just your comics, graphic novels, and manga titles.

  • Members of Kindle Unlimited, or Amazon Prime can borrow comics, graphic novels, and manga titles directly in app. Tap the ‘Home’ button from the bottom nav, select the ‘Explore’ button in the top left directly under the search bar, then select the ‘Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels’ button listed under the ‘More categories’ label. You may also continue to browse for content on the web via

Quite honestly being a Comixology user has been a complete nightmare ever since Amazon acquired it. The Comixology app was borderline unusable and required re-importing your entire collection, now you have to do the same again. With the old Comixology website long since gone, finding sales and specific issues among the rest of the clutter on Amazon's site has also been a frustrating experience for many.

For reference, the latest deals are currently on this page of Amazon: Read comics, graphic novels, manga and more | Sales and deals (

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