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Cleopatra - Coming Atcha!

Cleopatra - Coming Atcha!

Written by Robert Frazer on 08 Mar 2023

Our writer Eoghan O'Connell has recently reviewed the first two instalments of the "Animerama" trilogy of anime movies, One Thousand and One Nights and Cleopatra. If you were intrigued by his studies of these highly idiosyncratic films that were famously co-directed by "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka himself, you now have an opportunity to examine them up close as this week the Official Tezuka Productions YouTube Channel has made the full film of Cleopatra with English subtitles available to view for free and with no region restrictions.

It's worth spending some time examining the Tezuka Productions' catalogue, as their channel includes a wide variety of content such as sample episodes of Tezuka's cartoon classics ranging from Kimba the White Lion to the original version of Dororo and a variety of animated shorts which express the spirit of visual experimentalism that Tezuka ploughed into Cleopatra. Now, however, you can compare the UK Anime Network's thoughts directly alongside the actual movie in two tabs of your web browser, and judge the true outcome for yourself!

View Cleopatra Online At This Link.

N.B. Cleopatra is rated 15 and includes scenes of sex and nudity.

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