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Alita live action sequel in the works
Alita live action sequel in the works

Alita live action sequel in the works

Written by Ross Locksley on 29 Apr 2023

According to a recent Screenrant interview, Alita producer Jon Landau has confirmed that a Battle Angel Alita sequel is in the works.

The original film, directed by Robert Rodriguez, was released in 2019 to generally positive reviews, including our own written by Dan Barnett.

The film made $405 million on a budget of around $150-200 million, which means taking marketing into account it roughly broke even. However, it did well on home vieo, making around $25 million domestically. It remains the highest-grossing film from Rodriguez and now producer Jon Landau has given the #AlitaArmy some good news.

Jon Landau: We're working on it.

I think what we've learned from Avatar is how much more facial nuance and subtlety that we can get into characters that we want to be emotional and emote that are humanoid. Alita would not have been possible, but for what we did on Avatar. Avatar: Way of Water would not be what it is but what we did for Alita. And now let's put that back and give it back to Alita. We're talking to Robert and talking to Rosa and all is good.

The article speaks about both Alita and Avatar: The Way of Water in more detail (click the link above to read more), but for now the principle takeaway is that serious talks are ongoing between all the people that matter. Fingers crossed we'll get some concrete details soon.

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