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Tokyo Boys And Girls Vol. 2

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Tokyo Boys And Girls Vol. 2

Viz Media
Miki Aihara
$8.99 (£5.50-£5.99)

Now, my review of the first volume of Tokyo Boys And Girls was generally positive. In fact, pretty damn positive indeed. So, logically, I was looking forward to volume 2. I had high hopes for a series by the creator of Hot Gimmick. It had a good premise, good characters and competent art.

But, where hopes are high, dissapointment is rife.

And boy was I dissapointed with this! It is the epitome of mediocre in quality, totally failed to grab my attention, is directed horribly (it is very difficult to follow the story) and just didn't grab me. Hot Gimmick was "rush home and read" material. Tokyo Boys And Girls Volume 2 is "rush home, read, then get bored with in 30 pages" material. The story is not gripping whatsoever. Hot Gimmick had me on the edge of my seat, hoping it would never end. Tokyo Boys And Girls had me reading it in short bursts, determined to finish it and get my money's worth. Or at least part of my money's worth.

To be fair it was not terrible, just boring, mediocre and hard to follow. The art was nice, however it falls right into the same pit fall as the last volume - you can't tell who's who at all. The two main boys are both blonde, tall and look exactly the same. It is never clear exactly what's going on and just generally lacks the smoothness and cool of Hot Gimmick.

In the end there are only two things to say. The first is that I was very dissapointed in this, the second is that I hope its just one bad novel and things will return to the standards of volume 1 soon.

Dissapointing and dull. Not interesting and impossible to follow.
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