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Tokyo Boys And Girls Vol. 1

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Tokyo Boys And Girls Vol. 1

Viz Media
Miki Aihara
$8.99 (£5.50-£5.99)

Well, I didn't pick this one up because of any recommendation, I didn't read any reviews, damn I hardly even looked at the blurb. So why did I buy this you may be wondering. Well, the author is none other than Miki Aihara, author of Hot Gimmick. And if you've ever read my reviews of Hot Gimmick you'll know just how much I love that series. I picked Tokyo... praying it would be as good as Hot Gimmick...

And well, to be honest I'm a little disappointed. For a start artistically it is not quite on the same level (although it is still very well drawn and everything is clear). However, my real problem with it is its very much like a draft version of Hot Gimmick. In some ways the stories might as well be the same (heroine meets childhood acquaintance, childhood acquaintance decides to hate heroine for something she can't remember/be-blamed-for). However, one merit it has over Hot Gimmick is that it is far less convoluted and confusing. Hot Gimmick, while it pulls it off exceptionally, can try to juggle too many stories at once whereas Tokyo... focuses on the one main story, with slight side stories in the shadow of the main piece.

However, the characters are just as deep and likeable as those in Hot Gimmick, however three of them look almost exactly the same which can cause some confusion, but on the whole it is much easier to follow than HG.

As a conclusion I would say that this just isn't quite on the same level as Hot Gimmick, not just artistically, but HG's story is just more gripping and interesting in my opinion. If you're looking for a good drama/comedy then go with Hot Gimmick. If you're reading Hot Gimmick and can't wait for the next volume, Tokyo Boys And Girls will numb your craving and keep you satisfied for a while.

Like Hot Gimmick, only not as good. Read HG first, then this if you want to.
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