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The Tarot Cafe Vol. 1

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The Tarot Cafe Vol. 1

Park Sang Sun
$9.99 (£6.50-£6.99)

Well, I bought this one on a wing and a prayer to be honest. It had been recommended to me, but it still didn't look like my kind of thing. But, I had lots of cash at the time (for once) and decided to take a chance. My God was that a good chance. The Tarot Cafe has become an instant classic in my mind. Volume one isn't particularly deep or dark but it sure as hell is good.

It tells the tale of the owner of a cafe, Pamela. However, she is no ordinary cafe owner, she is also a clairvoyant who serves a particular clientele of vampires, fairies and more. She reads their past and future, giving them advice. The main thrust of the book focuses around the stories of her clients, and often these stories are dark and brooding.

The book has excellent pacing and writing, which manages to tread the fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous. The stories may be dark, but there are a few lighter tales to keep it from becoming an oppressive read. To be perfectly honest the Tarot Cafe is just a sweet and lovely little series which anyone can pick up and enjoy.

I'd also have to rate the artwork. It may be Korean and technically a Manwha, but it's a gorgeous looking one, and some Japanese artists could learn a thing or two here.

Overall it's a great read for fans of gothic horror, and for everyone else too.

Instantly endearing and sweet, suitably fantastical without going overboard.
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