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TRASH Vol. 1

Author: Kevin Leathers

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TRASH Vol. 1

Sanami Matoh

Will Anderson. A boy with connections. Well, a family with connections. He has an uncle that would be considered a modern-day Al Capone and of course, it makes the boy and his family a prime target for all sorts. After a strange incident in Central Park involving a hot dog, a man and his pet penguin (yeah you read that right), Will’s life takes a turn for the stranger as he is brought into the “business” of the Trash Company, an odd-jobs outfit that will take any job, as long as it pays well.

Personally, these types of manga are right up my street. Things like Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star involving criminals with morals but can be easily swayed by the need for cash makes, always makes these types of series a great read. As previously mentioned, TRASH is also another one that, during the calm periods at least, doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows when to have fun. But when the action heats up, it really does heat up.

It’s the characters that make TRASH just that  bit more entertaining. Will himself is nothing special. He is the usual naïve character that is thrown into a world he is not too sure about, but one knock to the head and his “other” comes through and, well you can guess what happens. But it’s also characters like Guy Hooks, the silent moody type with the pet penguin who knows how to take advantage of free food when it presents itself. And let’s not forget Will’s young short-tempered sister who knows how to punish people with her music. The cast is a wonderfully colourful bunch, that help keep the pace of the stories going and make it that much more interesting to read going from chapter to chapter.

It’s hard to come up with any major issues with TRASH. If there is one, it would be that the second story in this volume is predictable with a fluffy finish. Beyond this, TRASH is perfect for the fan looking for some criminal activities mixed in with the right amount of comedy and action. It’s nothing new or revolutionary, but take it for the enjoyable romp that it is and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t throw this one out into the TRASH, it’s a keeper. (Groan - Ed)
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