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Sunshine Sketch Vol. 4
Author: Russell Phillips

Russell has been a semi-regular reviewer for UK-Anime since 2005 [mainly specialising in non mainstream manga titles].

Sunshine Sketch Vol. 4

Yen Press
Ume Aoki

If you've been reading Sunshine sketch up to this point then you should have a rough idea of whats going to happen – Yuno will be shy but cute, Miyako will be tomboyish and slightly spacy, Hiro will be worrying about her weight and Sae will be maybe/maybe not wanting to be more than friends with Hiro – so nothing's changed in this volume, right? 


Wrong! With volume 4 of this ongoing series by Ume Aoki life in Hidamari residence, after the drama of exams, is turned upside down with the addition of two new 1st years – the shy Nazuna, and her outspoken, computer savvy opposite number Nori – who add an all new set of personalities to the series.

We are also given an extra treat in the form of a special episode, set around Sae's maybe nemisis/stalker Natsume (an episode which in an unusable twist is told in its entirety in a more standard comic format, rather than in the more normal four panel comic that we have come to know).

What more can i say more about it? the artwork and writing is the same mix of introspective and  comedy (note: MORE WIDEFACES) that makes this series such a fun read for me.

Yen Press has yet again done a sterling job with their translation and, as always, have included an appendix of some of the more obscure jokes.

At the end of the day if your a fan of Sunshine sketch then you should be already clutching a copy of this already! If you dont think much of it (HERESY) then this volume won't do much to change your mind, as its more of the same.
School's out!

More of the same maddness and comedy from the residents of Hidamari residence!
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