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Rebirth Vol. 1

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Rebirth Vol. 1

Kang Woo
$9.99 (£6.50-£6.99)

Volume 1 shows a group of people being attacked by mud demons. Of course, these people are used to this kind of thing but these are a little out of their league. However, in the process they accidentally wake up a vampire who's been in limbo for 300+ years. Now, obviously this vampire isn't too happy about wandering around in the dark for 300 years but he has no energy since his last meal was before his incarceration. I'll leave it there for fear of going overboard on the plot and giving it all away. But as you can see its not terribly original, the vampire (Deshwitat) is a lot like Alucard (from Hellsing) without a gun.

Artistically this is beautiful - lovely character designs, beautiful shading and attention to detail makes this a joy to look at. Also, unlike many manga (or manwha) the panels don't feel too cluttered or hard to follow, and this one's as smooth as butter on ice! Every character feels like a person, not a sketch, they all act relatively realistically and the emotions are drawn brilliantly.

One of the biggest problems I had (in fact, the only major problem) was the way the whole book takes place in one area around one major fight, leaving little room for a plot. Hopefully things will move forward by volume 2.

All in all I thought this graphic novel was pretty good, If you like stuff like Priest/Hellsing/etc you should enjoy this, if you don't then still have a flick through it.

Very good, a recommended buy but not essential unless you're into this genre.
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