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Othello Vol. 4-7
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Othello Vol. 4-7

Satomi Ikezawa

Othello has been a great trip, and the second half of this 7 volume manga has been a real treat too.

As Yaya's alternate personality, Nana, becomes increasingly reckless, so her enemies throw increasing levels of angst in her direction - surely only girls could scheme and manipulate to the degree of Othello's high school villains. From bratty spoilt rich girls to nice-guy guitarist Moriyama's scheming ex-girlfriend, everyone has it in for Yaya, and only her ass kicking alter-ego can keep her safe. But it can't go on forever...

The twist in the tail come in the penultimate volume of the manga - with her awareness of Nana increasing, it was only a matter of time before someone forces things to a head, and this turn of events causes chaos as Yaya retreats into herself and we're left with the possibility of losing one or both of her personalities for good.

With any manga of this type, you run the risk of alienating the reader - after all, there's only so much bullying you can read about before you want to see a real resolution. Happily Satomi Ikezawa manages to tread the line very carefully - the bullies are certainly less than sympathetic characters, but Yaya herself never invites trouble, and toward the end of the series we see her take control of her life (as meek as she may be) and the book keeps yoru attention to the very end.

Othello has been a solid tale. It's not outstanding in any way, be it artwork, script or storyline, but it's a satisfying read and certainly worth a look if you have the time.

Solid in all respects, and at 7 volumes, doesn't overstay its welcome.
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