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Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san
Author: Russell Phillips

Russell has been a semi-regular reviewer for UK-Anime since 2005 [mainly specialising in non mainstream manga titles].

Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san

Infinity Studios
Kunihiko Tanaka

In a future where insects have become impervious to all known pesticides, one pharmacutical company has found the answer...

A 10.5cm tall, gun toting doll called HoiHoi-san .

If the above description of Ichigeki Sacchu!!! (One Shot Kill) HoiHoi-san sounds too weird, then turn away now.  If, on the other hand, you find your interest piqued, then come this way...

Originally a manga series published in Dengeki Daioh in 2004 (they of Yotsuba& and Gunslinger Girl fame)  before being adapted into a PS2 game and released in the west via infinity studios in 2007,  Hoi Hoi san takes a stab at commercialism and the insatiable need of fans to collect every last piece of merchandise going – an act that usually leaves the collector broke, as is the case with the book's main protagonist, Aburatsu.

Sounds like me after a trip to a convention dealers room.

And its understandable why he's so penniless – in each chapter we're introduced to an ever increasing amount of additional extras that Aburatsu splashes out on – from extra outfits to a remote control unit and excessively over-the-top weaponry – portable laser rifles anyone?

Obviously there's some tough insects in Japan.

One of the upsides for this series is that, because of it being a one shot manga, the humour and the characters remain entertaining and fresh – my hat comes off to the creator for resisting the urge to sponge this series for all it was worth. The art is clear and features excellent detail. Along with the concise and well-paced narrative, it’s an excellent stand-alone book.
Another major plus is that along with the colour section at the back of the book (which includes artwork originally only available in Japan) Infinity Studios have published everything from the original Japanese edition, adding extra value to an already worthy purchase. Despite being a little more costly than most UK manga, the extras more than compensate for a lighter wallet.
All in all I'm both sad and grateful that Hoi Hoi san is not a real Product – I’d probably be fighting Ross for the last one in stock!

Imagine a walking talking, Barbie doll – with a Gatling gun! Awesome...
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