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I's Vol. 2-5

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I's Vol. 2-5

Masakazu Katsura
$9.99 (£6.50-£6.99)

What can I say, once again I am astounded. Or, more accurately, four times again. I's has shot up to being one of my favourite manga series - truly, this is mind-blowing material. Totally believable characters backed by brutal comedy. Furthermore, after volume one the content seems to mature slightly insofar as it becomes a far more shoujo (girls) oriented manga, as it delves into the female characters' minds and motivations, taking away some of the emphasis from the unlucky lead character.

The story rolls along smoothly with plenty of laughs all the way through, and when you're not laughing, you're on the edge of your seat carefully turning the page to see what happens next in our oh-so-lovable hero's life. The pacing is flawless, and the character roster is kept nice and tight to maintain focus. The characters are all engaging, and you may even find yourself thinking up advice for each character. Truly engrossing.

The artwork compliments the characters perfectly, with fluid panelling helping to maintain an even pace throughout.

Although Hot Gimmick becomes over-complex and Happy Mania becomes... dull to say the least, I's constantly gets better, more gripping and more hilarious. Arguably one of the finest set of books in my collection, and the one I definitely look forward to the most each month.

Amazing, How can one man write a manga so damn good?
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