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Cosplay Koromo-Chan

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Cosplay Koromo-Chan


Cosplay Korono-Chan is a series that in theory seems to be a brilliant concept – our heroine Komoro goes through high school, whilst appearing in as many cosplay costumes as possible.

Using the traditional ‘yonkoma’ newspaper strip style the series follows Koromo as she inflicts her cosplaying obsession on the rest of the school, due to the schools headmaster relaxing the restrictions on uniform.

However it would be more truthful to call this series “any other kind of outfit which won’t get us in trouble because of copy write infringement Koromo-Chan”. Contrary to the title in all 162 pages of the actual manga, the only recognisable anime costume she wears is that of the main character of Pita Ten. The rest ranging from shrine maidens, to wedding gown to even that of a woolly mammoth!

Compared to other otaku series such as Genshiken, Densha Otoko, etc, it just fails to reach the same heights as these series. With very little in the way of anime references and barely any cosplay based jokes to appeal to this particular crowd the manga becomes a much laboured affair. As a whole his is one wardrobe malfunction best left unread.

A so so series with very little to offer
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