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Card Captor Sakura Vol. 2

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Card Captor Sakura Vol. 2


This is the best translation of CCS you will be able to get easily in the UK (you can get the bilingual manga shipped if you are willing to pay but it is just easier this way.) It is SO much better than the thing Nelvana has come up with after attempting to dub the Anime.

For one thing it does not edit out the (however subtle) shoujo-ai comments from Tomoyo and Sonomi (her mother) and it has Li (name mixed up by accident it think, the put his last name first like the anime does but it's not that bad) fully blushing and going just as Ga-ga over Yuki (Yukito) as Sakura does. It also keeps the spirit of vaguely shonen-ai moment towards the end of the book.

Also all the names are more or less kept correct.

The only thing is the hole Rika/Mr. Terada thing freaks me out at little, okay her having a crush on him that's normal enough, but he gives her an engagement ring!

But I put that behind me, it's only one page and is sorta cute I suppose. I loved this but be warned those who hate Kawaii should stay well away!

Kawaii, and a few nice shonen-ai & and shoujo-ai elements
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