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Because I'm the Goddess Vol. 1

Author: Kevin Leathers

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Because I'm the Goddess Vol. 1


Its true what your parents say, first impressions mean everything. They aren’t just trying to scare you into being good with someone you don’t know. Well, they are a bit. But the first impression that Because I’m The Goddess gives off is that it wants to be a mixture of Love Hina and Oh! My Goddess. If you like your boob jokes, good lord are you going to get them by the bucket load here.

The Goddess Pandora has a mission on Earth to retrieve the “gifts” that have spread among the human race (though they all appear to be in Japan!). Pandora’s “gift” is that she has a dynamite body and breasts the size of overripe melons. The problem is, when ever Pandora uses her powers, she shrinks down to a small petite girl. So the quest is on to find the “gifts” and get Pandora to jump a few cup sizes.

So far, so unoriginal. It seems that Pandora only needs to kiss the boy Aoi to go back to godhood. So it begins. A romp through the country as Pandora goes on her quest to find “gifts” with her manservant (as she likes to call him) and free the men under the “gifts” powers. What do we discover? The true nature of the “gifts”, a part of Aoi’s past and of course a new character to tag along.

There really isn’t anything here that hasn’t been seen before. Fanservice, awkward situations made worse by accidents and falling into people. Oh, and an airheaded, blonde, big breasted woman dragging around a boy who seems to have somehow gotten caught up in the whole mess.

The art-style to the series is nothing amazing, being very generic. The usual mix of full body figures (especially with Pandora) and chibi characters all present and accounted for. But don't expect much beyond that.

Because of the foucs of fanservice, the story in this volume has suffered. After the introduction chapters, each chapter afterwards seems to be find the next "gift" and free the enslaved man attached to it. This helps to dilute the overall story and turns it into a predictable and boring volume.

The truth of the matter is simple, if you’re a fan of Love Hina minus the love bits, then this will certain float your boat. Anyone else looking for more story and less over the top cute chibi characters to express a range of emotions, best look elsewhere.

Nothing new here people. Move along. Move Along.
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