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AD Police
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

Ross founded the UK Anime Network back in 1995 and works in and around the anime industry.

AD Police

Manga Books
Tony Takezaki

Tony Takezaki's take on the BubleGum Crisis universe follows the early adventures of Leon McNichol as he becomes an AD Police rookie. As such, we get an insight into the reasons behind Leon's reckless approach to law enforcement and a detailed insight into the fledgling AD Police department, seen here as Genom's rent-a-cop outfit, despised as much by the citizens of Megatokyo as they are by less well funded city cops.

The overall story arc follows the escape of a group of Boomers (cyborg creations of the global Genom corporation) lead by "Armstrong" a space worker model whose psychotic delusions of grandeur are as fascinating to read as they are insane.

The book opens with an interesting take on the great Kanto earthquake (mentioned in BGC) and leads us into Leon's first days in the ADP, through to Armstrong's schemes - all told the entire book is 140 pages, but it packs in so much action and plot that it really does ride through at a breakneck pace, without ever feeling rushed. For BGC fans, there are some excellent cameo's and plenty of fuel to long standing conspiracy theories that will leave you thinking long after you've finished the book. It also sports some excellent original characters, such as the tomboyish Jeena, Leon's ass-kicking senior partner.

The art style is gritty and occasionally a little muddy, but the level of detail is superb, and the action sequences are well laid out across the page. The story itself is incredibly violent, with some brutal panels that make this adult-only reading. However, the story retains enough interesting characterisation and well thought out plot twists to balance the book out nicely and saving it from becoming yet another violent no-brainer.

All in then, you get a good, adult read for your £8, and some gory action is backed up nicely by some cerebral and sympathetic characters struggling to make sense of a world where the boundries are wearing away...

Thoughtful, well researched cop tale that adds much to its adopted universe. Highly recommended.
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