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Interview with Delicious in Dungeon Director Yoshihiro Miyajima

Interview with Delicious in Dungeon Director Yoshihiro Miyajima

Written by Ross Locksley on 14 Feb 2024

We were invited to participate in an interview with the director and cast of Delicious in Dungeon, currently streaming on Netflix. In this article we focus on director Miyajima Yoshiro, who has also worked on BNA (Brand New Animal), Little Witch Academia and DARLING in the FRANXX. 

1) Could you share some insights into your respective roles in the series?

My name is Miyajima Yoshihiro and I am the director for Delicious and Dungeon.

2) How did the opportunity to direct Delicious in Dungeon come about?

In 2019, I directed the commercial for the eighth volume of Delicious and Dungeon. The anime adaptation wasn’t decided at that time. Once it was, TRIGGER contacted me, and so that’s how I became the director.

3) As you mentioned, in 2019, you directed a special animated commercial by Studio TRIGGER, celebrating the release of the 8th manga volume. This will be your TV anime directorial debut. How do you feel about working again on this series, this time as the director of a TV series? How do you feel about the responsibility of being a series director?

When I worked on the commercial for the manga, I didn't even think that I would be able to work on an anime series like this. Luckily, I am able to work with Studio TRIGGER, and I'm really happy that I was confirmed as the director for the TV series. 

At the time, I had no idea that it would turn out this way, but right now I feel really fortunate and incredibly lucky.

4) Have you spoken to Ryoko Kui? What is her involvement in the anime? Was there feedback or exchanges between the author and creative staff?

Thanks to Studio TRIGGER, we were able to have a very good relationship with Kui-Sensei, but this is the first time that we're adapting an original source into an anime as a studio.

We received comments from Kui-sensei, like, “I would like it to go in this direction,” and gave a lot of guidance. I'm really grateful and thankful for all the details and all the help that she provides in supporting us.

I can't really go into the fine details, but I hope that when you watch the series, you can tell that she was very involved and influenced the way that we produced it.

5) How did you decide on the voice actors?

The casting was decided by audition.

6) What kind of instructions do you give to the voice actors in the voice recording session?

I told all the cast of the voice actors to read through the source material and really get to know the original manga. It's kind of hard to say the details of what exactly you tell them to do, but definitely telling them to bring out their skills, their expertise, and acting to bring the characters to life.

Delicious in Dungeon

7) How would you describe or advertise Delicious in Dungeon to viewers who have not read the manga?

I can't really put it into simple words, to say what Delicious and Dungeon is like to viewers who haven't read it. It would almost kind-of be rude if I tried to summarize it myself. It's just that wonderful. It's that amazing. So the only thing I can say is please watch the anime.

8) For fans who are waiting for Delicious in Dungeon, what would you like them to pay attention to?

For the fans who have been waiting, the Delicious and Dungeon series is loved by us and loved by everybody. What I would really want fans to pay attention to is how the anime series brings the manga story to life through the music, the voice, and the animation. The story is being told not with still images, so there's maybe some new innovations or new aspects of the story that could only be told through moving pictures.

I think this is a really new and refreshing way to be able to have that Delicious in Dungeon experience all over again.

For those who have not read the manga, it's so awesome and it's so much fun. Please look forward to the anime.

9) Do you have any message for fans who want to watch the anime?

The animation staff and the cast really worked hard in order to bring together and make this really awesome anime.

I really hope that you're all looking forward to it and you know, I hope you all enjoy and have fun watching Delicious and Dungeon.

10) Did you already have a rough or clear idea as to who you wanted for the roles of the main characters, and do you feel you were able to convey those ideas with the actors and crew members during the production process?

For the roles of the character, I think that we tried to align with the original manga as much as possible. And of course there were directions like, “Oh, this character is like this. Please try to make sure that you are aligned with that.” 

I think alongside the animation staff, the sound staff and everybody. We've talked it over and I've asked them what they think about the direction that we're going in. But, I think personally, for myself, that we followed the original character roles pretty closely and as much as we possibly could. 

I think in terms of conveying the ideas, I think the main four characters were very aligned with the original characters that are in the manga. And so I feel that I myself am pretty satisfied with the work and I think the animators and the creative staff were all aware of what we were aiming for. We all have one goal aligned in order to make the anime come together.


Delicious in Dungeon
About Delicious in Dungeon:


Delicious in Dungeon. That is, “to eat”, or “to be eaten” ―――
Within the depths of the dungeon, his younger sister was eaten by a Red Dragon – and adventurer Laios barely made it back to the surface with his life.
He attempts the dungeon again, but money and food are deep within its bowels…
Faced with the critical situation where his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides:
“Food shall be self-providing from within the dungeon!”
Slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons!
While eating those that attack you, aim to traverse the dungeons, adventurer!

Author: Ryoko Kui (Delicious in Dungeon / KADOKAWA)
Director: Yoshihiro Miyajima
Story Editor: Kimiko Ueno
Character Design: Naoki Takeda
Monster Design: Yuto Kaneko
Concept Art: Sayaka Shimada
Food Design: Mao Momiji
Assistant Director: Hideyuki Satake
Art Director: Sachiko Nishiguchi Yusuke Nishikimi (Inspired)
Art Supervisor: Osamu Masuyama (Inspired)
Color Design: Hitoki Takeda
Composition Director: Katsunori Shiradou (Graphinica)
Editor: Masato Yoshitake
Music Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
Music Production: KADOKAWA
Sound Director: Kohei Yoshida
Sound Effects: Kenji Koyama (Sound Box)
Recording Adjustment: Daiki Yamaki (KlagClan)
Animation Producer: Shunsuke Shida
Animation Production: TRIGGER

Opening Song: BUMP OF CHICKEN “Sleep Walking Orchestra”
Ending Song: Ryokuoushoku Shakai "Party!!"


Kentaro Kumagai as “Laios”
Sayaka Sembongi as “Marcille”
Asuna Tomari as “Chilchuck”
Hiroshi Naka as “Senshi”
Saori Hayami as “Falin”
Akira Miki as “Namari”
Shinji Kawada as “Shuro”
Wataru Katoh as "Kabru"
Rie Takahashi as "Rinsha"
Miyu Tomita as "Mickbell"
Toru Nara as "Kuro"
Yuya Hirose as "Holm"
Kei Kawamura as "Daya"

Official Platforms:
Japanese Website:
English Webpage:
English Twitter:

Streaming Information:

Streaming weekly on Netflix:
Copyright: ©Ryoko Kui,KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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