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ABYstyle Studio Sasuke Uchihara

ABYstyle Studio Sasuke Uchihara

Written by Ross Locksley on 23 Feb 2023

• Manufacturer ABYStyle Studio • Price £29.99

For the latest in ABYstyle Studios Super Figure Collection line, we return to the rich vein of charater designs from the popular Naruto franchise, this time introducing Naruto's brooding rival/frenemy Sasuke Uchihara.

Sasuke is easily one of Naruto's most compelling characters, with a complex and compelling backstory, genuine motivations and honourable outlook, it's easy to take his side on a lot of the series' plotlines. Here, he's decked out in a latter-series outfit, a more traditional Japanese garb - white shirt open to the waist, black pants, and a dark blue cloth around his waist tied with a rope belt (similar to a sumo's shimenawa) which holds the sheath of his drawn sword. Overall it's a striking look that feels traditional while fitting into the wider world of Naruto's more modern ninja aesthetic. It's the look he adopts after leaving the leaf-village.

The figure has a calm demeanor, despite being posed in mid-run, a look that rather suits his more mature attire. The included sword accessory shows that he's ready for action, and this is well sculpted and painted in two-tone black (for the hilt) and silver (for the blade).

As usual, it's the details that make the figure stand out - there's a subtle wash on the white top, some lovely paint on that purple belt that really makes it a focus, and the team have done a terrific job hiding the seamlines. The only 2 that are really visible are at the shoulders, but that could easily be written off as the seams of the top, so it's really rather remarkable all in.

The base shows Sasuke's signature emblem, and if I have only one complaint, it's the black supporting bar that seems very thick and intrusive on an otherwise dynamic and arresting figure. This can be minimised by the angle of display of course, but a metal rod in the foot might have allowed for an improvement for display, but we are working in a £29.99 budget here, so it's understandable. 

Sasuke is a must for any Naruto fan, his lore is integral to the overall story and adds a lot of humanity to the series overall. I'm absolutely over the moon that our next review will feature a character that has a great deal of involvement with Sasuka, the lovely Sakura Harino - much as I enjoy the Shonen statues of ABYstyle Studio, we're long overdue some feminine energy!

You can find ABYstyle Studios figures at most retailers, including Smyths and Forbidden Planet.

Full of life and granted extra presence by his sword accessory, Sasuke makes a handsome addition to ABYstyle Studios Naruto clan

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