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1/144 HGCE Infinite Justice Gundam

1/144 HGCE Infinite Justice Gundam

Written by Dawfydd Kelly on 01 Oct 2021

• Manufacturer Bandai • Price 22.99

A refinement of the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam, incorporating elements of the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam, the ZGMF-19A Infinite Justice was designed specifically to be piloted by Athrun Sala and, alongside its sister suit the Strike Freedom, proved a deciding factor in the Second Bloody Valentine War. 

A poseable 1/144-scale reproduction of the Infinite Justice Gundam as featured in Gundam SEED Destiny, this is a snap-fit model kit cast in multiple coloured plastics.

Honestly this kit was a BLAST. The build is straightforward enough that I’d recommend it even to those with little experience of GunPla, yet has enough going on that those at the higher end of the skill curve will find a lot to appreciate about it. 

The instructions are clear, well thought out, and even just using the included stickers & nothing else (as I have done here) the end result is pretty stunning. The Infinite Justice is loaded with articulation & features that, whilst GunPla are never really what I’d call “play” figures, offer a frankly ridiculous number of options for creating dynamic poses and recreating scenes from Gundam Seed Destiny (special shout out to the hips that can be adjusted to create wider stances for sweeping kicks). And all the while the Infinite Justice itself has no looseness in the joints and is wonderfully stiff – put it in a pose and it will not come out of it unless outside pressure is applied – just make sure your display stand can take the weight as mine is a little loose in places and the Infinite Justice is a weighty beggar.  

The Infinite Justice comes together as a primarily pink suit, cast in a lovely rich shade of plastic with white, dark grey/silver & deep purple as the main secondary colours, with sparing use of bright green and yellow. These come together to create an incredibly distinctive suit that looks fantastic. And regards the stickers – I ended up suing the whole sheet but honestly that still ended up being fairly minimal, mainly the vizor, head sensors, one small sticker for the top of the shield and a larger pair for the beam rifle. One neat feature more or less unique to the Infinite Justice and it’s derivatives is mounting points on the suits kneecaps and feet to which arced energy beam effects can be attached, giving the Infinite Justice some lethal spin kicks.  

Accessories are plentiful and play to the role the Infinite Justice is designed for alongside it’s sister mech the Strike Freedom – whereas the Strike Freedom is in essence an exceptionally over powered artillery unit that can handle itself at closer ranges, the Infinite Justice is a more close assault-orientated suit that happens to feature some fire support weapons. Both of which are (in universe at least) intended to compliment the fighting styles and abilities of the Infinite Justice & Strike Freedom’s intended pilots, Athrun Sala and Kira Yamato.  

So, those accessories:  

*The traditional Gundam load out of Sword & Board is given a unique spin in the form of 2 of SEED Destiny’s distinctive beam sabres that can be combined into a dual-bladed variant, and a shield that – in addition to a transparent energy shield effect that can be placed on the shields top, there is a built in grappler with (surprisingly sturdy) wire, as well as a removeable beam boomerang that can be either held or kept as part of the shield to form an extra close-in weapon.    

*1x beam rifle – impressively that distinct 3-tone look is almost entirely achieved from combining coloured pieces, excepting a somewhat awkward sticker for the pink section at the front of the rifle. Handily when not in use the rifle can be affixed to the rear waist armour.  

*Fatum-01 mobility unit – essentially a custom Striker pack that can be detached from the Infinite Justice and be used as a drone in its own right. The drone has some neat features, from a pair of heavy beam cannons, energy blades that manifest on the leading edges of the main wings, and handles that allow the Fatum-01 to be used as a transport. 

*Energy effect parts. Soooo many energy effect parts. These include beams for the beam sabres, the aforementioned shield effect, a small blade effect for the boomerang, and a pair each of energy effects for the legs and the back pack wings. 

*a single pair of open fist hands – perfect for holding the Infinite Justice’s expansive range of weapons, but nothing fancy. 

You can buy your own Infinite Justice from these retailers:

Hobby Link Japan
Gundam Mad
Japan Cool
Gundam Gateway
Armour of God

An excellent (and somewhat unique) kit that I would not hesitate to recommend to modellers of all skill levels

Dawfydd Kelly
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