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Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
Kevin Leathers

Author: Kevin Leathers

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Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)

10 months. 10 months it has taken a US launch title to finally make it over to Europe. 10 months players have been itching to operate on new people and bring an end to the plague that is being inflicted on mankind. But now that Trauma Centre: Second Opinion is finally here, is it  a life-saver or will this one be flat-lining?

Trauma Centre: Second Opinion is a remake (wiimake?) of the classic DS game Trauma Centre: Under the Knife. While the original DS version had players using the DS’ touch-screen for its interaction, here players take control of the operation with the Wii Remote to help them slice and dice. Compared to the DS touch-screen and stylus interface, the Wii Remote is less precise, mainly due to the lack of a physical surface to lean on. Thankfully the developers have taken this into account and the game is somewhat more forgiving with mistakes compared to its DS counterpart.

Apart from the obvious change in format, the Wii version is still quite similar to the DS. The game still follows Dr. Derek Stiles as he performs operations on a variety of patients all with different problems. All the tools from the DS version are all present and accounted for, with some additions to the mix, such as the defibrillator. In fact the only new major additions are the major graphical update, a new set of side operations, the ability to alter difficulty during story mode and a new chapter.

Unless you're a major Trauma Center fan, there is very little reason to go ahead and get this version as it's so close to the original. If there is one thing that puts this version above the DS version, it is the alterable difficulty. One major criticism of the DS original was the incredibly steep learning curve. Here that has been somewhat reduced, but only by so much. Operations can still prove to be extremely tough and now more than ever require a steady hand.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a fun game. The learning curve has been relaxed somewhat and the controls are more precise than would be first thought. However, the fact that this is a remake of a game with only a handful of additions make this hard to recommend if you’ve played the DS version to death.

Still a fun game, but not enough extra to justify another purchase
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