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Yukikaze Vol. 3
Author: Ross Locksley

Ross founded the UK Anime Network waaay back in 1995 and works in and around the anime world in his spare time.

Yukikaze Vol. 3

05 Aug 2007

As anime goes, Yukikaze is as beautiful and confusing as it gets. With volume 3, it adds bloody to its list of descriptions. With the JAM now fully integrated into Earth’s military, they attack with a full scale assault. But all is not as it seems, and Yukikaze may yet prove to be our last chance for survival.

This is an odd series. At times it seems to drag, but every scene leads somewhere, and this final volume provides some of the most stunning animation I’ve seen in years. As usual Gonzo’s CGI is breathtaking, and Yukikaze itself is beautifully rendered.

The soundtrack is wonderfully sparse. With almost no background music at all, when the subtle piano ballads kick in, it works to great effect, providing a hint of emotion to a series that, for the most part, is devoid of any.

Good looks aren’t enough to satisfy on their own, and the direction holds its own. The in-flight camera gives a real feeling of speed and power, with aerial battles as intense as anything seen in Macross. The narrative is still very talkative, and despite many action scenes it’s still a story built on explanatory dialogue. If you’re not in the mood to take it all in, you’ll be lost. But make a cuppa, settle down and pay the show some attention and you’ll get pulled in.

The final volume provides a good deal of answers, with the dialogue snappier than previous volumes, and although Rei is still a man of few words, those he utters still have weight.

The star of this disc is Yukikaze itself. As intelligent mechs go, it’s a kick ass piece of hardware. Communicating entirely through a rather creepy text interface, Yukikaze shows an alien intelligence which, in the finale, is as understated as it is elegant. As the JAM rally, Yukikaze goes to flight. Perhaps for the last time.

Although I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the show to everyone, any anime fan who wants some serious Sci Fi action with a realistic edge will lap this up. As adult and considered as anime sci-fi gets.


Interview with Masato Sakai, Joji Nagata and Masahiko Ohkura.

It may be a little hard to get into, but its worth the effort for this payoff...
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